Tuesday 4 September 2012

Learn to Listen

For those of you who are channelers, or who are investigating this line of ‘work’, there may be some areas you want to consider before proceeding down this road. Speaking from experience here, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, you only want your own energy inside of your body, channeling and communication with other beings most likely involves calling something in. It is not ever advisable to welcome into your physical body foreign entities not belonging to you and who do not belong to this planet. 

This should not be an area of compromise.

The second point here, is if you feel you need to channel an energy (and call in beings, energy entities, ghosts, orbs, spirits etc.) then you have not done your own spiritual work, primarily because, once you are tackling your own path/mission/purpose you will quickly discover that---

You ARE the wisdom, you ARE the truth, and you already have ALL that you require inside your own body.

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that you have arrived here on this planet without the tools, abilities and inner guidance system that is needed to navigate your way in this world.

You can access this wisdom, and this knowledge once you are firmly on your way to higher consciousness. The only means that will open these inner doors are  eating, drinking, fasting, walking the talk, exercise and energy management. In other words, taking exquisite care of yourself. 

BUT these are YOUR doors to open and NOT anyone else’s.

In the meantime, until you are spiritually mature enough to go it alone, your very own Mother/Father God (like all good parents) will guide you as any loving parent guides a child.

These things are NOT complicated- remember that our lives are set up to mirror exactly the way the universe works and has been operating since before time began.

This is vital information for all those who are walking (or attempting to) the spiritual path, seeking higher truths, awakening to embody consciousness and asking these questions about themselves. 

Do not look out there for the truth, it is buried, hidden in symbols, signs and messages rising up from deep within the cells of our bodies. Although they may be found anywhere - the media is not the best place to find guidance. 

When we look into the mirror we see a LOT of false media (includes energy entities), untrue and misrepresented events and a clear LACK of reporting of the very facts that humans need to make sound, rational decisions.

For example, just look at the most recent farce that has been the Swine Flu 'pandemic', it was over reported to the point of hype with facts that did not add up or were patently untrue and unsubstantial.

Now, here you have found your embedded fallen Arch Angel group (there are MANY good Angels, but that is another post) the hosts and legions of entities, groups, messengers, lackeys and errand boys of a parallel UNIVERSE.

All decimating false, corrupt and misleading information.

And these are an uncouth lot, just like those who manage our media systems and control the information that we have access to. They also control our food, sick care, education, governments, and everything else you can imagine.

We see select reporting on things that either do NOT matter or false reports on important issues, while the REAL news that actually would be of interest and assistance to humanity is hidden, cloaked and masked this is the specialty of this group of criminals.

Your internal messages, the information you need will find you, it will be repeated on your own internal broadcast system - not one thing from the false media of entities (and many humans) is required. 

What you are seeking is here.


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  1. I think listening is one of the kindest things we can do for someone.