Monday 24 September 2012

Listening, Hearing and Ignoring

So, what is it that you keep putting off? What words of inner wisdom are gently washing ashore for your benefit and yet, you feel them, hear them, but cannot for the life of you seem to do anything about them?

I'm not entirely sure what to call this state of mind we all find ourselves in from time to time (blocked, resistant?). However, it is real and happens far too often to be good for us. Usually this goes on until there are a pile of changes, things, advice and tasks we should be doing or have done - yet they linger on.

And what do we do? After a while we start to get down, feeling heavy, weighted and dragging in our spirits as if there was a heavy burden on our backs. At times we make feeble attempts to hack away at that list, to no avail. 

The interest, motivation and energy to get going is just not there.

However, if we can get the presence of mind enough, or perhaps find an open door to walk through into some much needed clarity, then sometimes that is all that it takes to finally begin to roll once again towards our desired goals.

For me, whenever I feel this way and this dark heavy energy has settled over me like a wet blanket, if I can get myself focused enough to do something different or get physical, I can often overcome this energy block and actually accomplish something for the day.

Today, and for these past few days, some old negative patterns such as this have been coming up to the surface for me, I have been doing nearly everything to force the energy to move and then to keep things moving. 

Today, after my workout, I just jumped into cooking some recipes I had been putting off (there it is!). Then I went out into my herb garden and planted, pulled weeds and generally dug in for an hour or so. Next I am going to make some technical changes to my blogs (another task put off) and then work my way down my growing list.

The main issue with knowing, wanting or needing to make some of these changes, or to complete some task is not the fact that they do not get done. The main problem here is how much energy can be tied up, waiting for us to complete one task in order to move on or create an opening for something else. 

We have to decide to walk through each outer door as it presents itself (or not) long before we can gain access to inner doors. That's just how energy works.

Have an active day,


painting with my 5 year old

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  1. Great reminder. I am really prone to distractions.