Tuesday 30 April 2013

Breaking the Silence - It's Not All Bad....

Open up any newspaper these days and listen to any program on the radio or television – and you will hear the exact same thing you heard 5 years ago, 15 years ago and perhaps 50 years ago….

The bad news – crime, wrong-doing, pillaging, violence, sickness and a complete lack of good. It’s all there, nothing apparently changes and what a mess we are in (according to those who try to control the airwaves).

Yet, there is so much good in the world (whether we hear about it or not) – it is around us each and every day. Sometimes we are even steeped in it – and probably wouldn't know it because of this layer of dark energy that somehow manages to keep positivity out.

In my own life – I could feel (and see) how the negative stuff would get in through my filters. It would almost be drawn towards me, then sucked in more deeply – by toxins, parasites and these ever present Energy Vampires who feed off if it.

And then, far too often the good things, kindnesses, and uplifting vibes – would bounce back to wherever they came from. This wall of heavy energy was around me so tightly and for so long –

I thought it belonged.

Someone might say something ‘nice’ to me or appreciate something I had done or said – and it would not register with me. The only thing I could understand was to be critical of myself and not take anything ‘good’ on-board.

If any of this sounds even remotely familiar to you (and I know I am not alone) this is part of a deeply ingrained pattern of self-deception. Only, it is not designed by you it was designed ‘for’ you….for me this started after I had glandular fever.

A virus got into my system, tore me down and ravaged my energy stores for months on end. It took me 15 years and a complete diet change to even begin to combat the chronic fatigue.

However, it has taken me until now to ‘overcome’ the dark viral energy envelope that lodged in my nervous system and surrounded my body, then sent chills down my spine whenever it reared it’s head.

These heavy energy patterns which we all carry around, fight with each day of our lives and are triggered by electromagnetic waves and frequencies – can be dealt with by rising above them (ramp up our immune systems).

In fact all of this (what ever it is that pulls us down) can be overcome – take steps today to bring your energy higher. To rise, to raise yourself and your family up – exercise, drink clean untreated water, change your diet (remove sugar, eat organic, wholefoods, grow your own vegetables), follow your dreams – and do not give up on yourself.

Today was perhaps the first time – when someone said something kind to me – I heard it. My entire body heard, it has always been listening – but the words were no longer distorted….

 and it was good. 



  1. Yes!- you beautiful, wondrous soul. I am so blessed to share this world with you. Love and hugs from my ever-filling well. Love without holding - let the ever present source of universal loving energy flow through you. YOU ARE PERFECT. ..but you know this already. Thank you for your honesty, your effort, your truth. xo Gillian

  2. Thank you kindly Gillian - I am so blessed to have crossed paths with you...you are a light in this world - shine on!