Tuesday 5 November 2013

In Sickness & Health…..The Lifespan of a Healer

Being a healer takes a lot of energy from you, walking the spiritual path, self care, listening, paying attention, learning how to live….or at least it can – but lets get one thing straight right from the beginning: if you are supposed to be doing this work - at this level, touching on higher dimensions and consciousness, then you are more then able to handle this physical end of things.

However, if you find you are not able or up to the work you are born to do….perhaps there are other factors at play here. Of course there are many things, on many levels, taking place in the daily life of a healer, therapist, energy or light worker, and some of them are actually working against us.

For instance, have you ever noticed there is often no rhyme or reason to your work-flow? Some weeks you have nearly ‘enough’ to live on (LOL) while other weeks – no matter what you do or how good you are at it, the phone doesn’t ring and you can sense the energy blocks.

How about having days when you feel great, up and with it, only to come crashing down into a patch of darkness or despair that you picked up somewhere or worse, becoming physically ill in specific situations or around certain people?

And has anyone else experienced profound, debilitating fear when dealing with energy attachments, energy vampires and other cyber bullies? Just where does all of this go and where does it come from in the first place, but most importantly, what effect might it have on us?

Well, each of these things certainly do affect us, can potentially cause harm to our body/mind/spirit and can put us off the mission we are called to do. This is far more then an occupational hazard – in our profession, there is no safety training (come out Tuesday evenings starting 5 November for the first one ever!), there is only follow your heart and hope for the best in most cases. 

But, there is one other issue that I have long felt impacts on us in far deeper ways….yes, there is something worse then ups and downs, aches and pains, uncertainty and fear! What is worse, and fairly constant throughout the healing world, is how we are constantly placed in abject poverty in the name of some higher good. 

Because, this is just not on.

Each of these situations take an enormous toll on our sense of well-being, our physical and emotional health, our attitude, outlook, hopes, wishes and dreams. When a persons spirit is continually bounced off the bottom – it eventually stops re-bounding to it’s natural, and necessary, place. 

And, we end up unwell. Many healers I have known over the years end up with diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, cancer (ask me how I know) and other debilitating conditions as a direct result of the work they do – and the energies we are exposed to. Of course, this shortens our life/work span for us, not to mention interfering with our quality of life. 

I have often thought that if we were to do this work ‘properly’ at the highest level in the current environment – we would last about 2 years before we started to crumble on the inside and then find ourselves unable to continue in this full capacity. 

So what exactly are we up against?

Energy Vampires (shadow realm)
Ill will (in deed and thought)
Interference Energy (often listening to the wrong voice)
Timing & Energy Blocks (if it doesn’t belong, remove it)
Fear (extreme emotional response coming in from the outside)
Unhealthy mind/body/spirit (focus on the body’s health)
Past Life Issues (things we bring in with us, but are not always ours)
Energy Attachments & Drainers (the ‘will nots’ of spirituality, viruses, candida etc.)

This list goes on……each one of these things affect us on an energetic, spiritual, physical and emotional level. Anything that doesn’t belong to us, but is around or attached to us, can and will create an energy block…..and nothing appears to be more stuck then this ‘money, financial, work, mission, purpose’ cycle of modern day healers, which of course leads to more physical ill health…..


Blossom with pink nose from beet kvass!

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