Wednesday 13 November 2013

You May be Awake….But Are You ALIVE? Spiritual DNA

We read a lot about awakenings these days and nearly everyone has had some form of a wake up call or other, often in a health or emotional crisis. Actually if you haven’t yet, you are probably not even reading this, but never mind.

I have talked about and written down some of my experiences on this long road to higher vibrations, frequencies and light but am only now coming around to how much none of this really even matters, if we are not alive, that is.

Of course you are probably thinking by now, that I am ‘alive’, I’m here, aren’t I? And yes you are, sort of, however, we are not fully here and certainly not enjoying any of the benefits of greater levels of awareness, if our gut is still functioning at sub-optimal levels.

But, what does digestion, immune function, gut organisms have to do with spirituality and higher states of awareness? 

Everything. Absolutely, everything.

Whenever we take medication, treated water, Nightshades, drugs, eat an excessively poor diet, remain in negative states of emotional, physical, energetic unbalance, plus other known and unknown toxins - then we are encouraging the current organisms in our guts to flourish. 

And this appears to be the source of the problem. From birth and perhaps even before, the organisms we are exposed to are increasingly non-beneficial, opportunistic and pathogenic given the chance! We are full of molds, candida, parasites and species of bacteria that offer us nothing in return.

This present generation and perhaps a couple beyond that, those who have been around since the advent and widespread use of antibiotics and medication – have dead spots, places and spaces in their systems where nothing worthwhile or beneficial lives or thrives. 

The simple facts are; Change your body and gut flora (living organisms of bacteria, yeasts, viruses etc.) and you change your DNA. The human DNA is unique in that our spiritual code is written within it like a hidden Easter Egg. 

And this is the purpose of the spiritual path really. To walk along it, making changes, learning, gaining insight, higher levels of awareness until eventually we realize – it’s all about life.

Nothing is more important to our body functions, health, weight, immune system and skin then the living organisms cohabiting with us – without them, we are here, we might be awake, but we are certainly not living and our spiritual purposes, missions and callings remain locked. 

It’s time to get a life – inside and out!

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  1. Great reminder to take better care with the fuel in my system, April! I definitely need to give myself a tune up! Every blessing and thank you for your care and knowledge.
    Love, Gillian