Friday 24 August 2012

10 Ways to Protect Yourself In the Healing Professions

10 Ways to Protect Yourself in the Healing Professions 

Walking the spiritual path can and should be part of life’s purpose for many of us at this time on earth, however, our support system, security and protection have been eroded by neglect, misinformation and energetic interference. If you find yourself feeling drained, tired and worse at the end of your day, there is something you can do about it. 

Safety starts with shoring up our energy fields, taking exquisite care of our bodies and clearing our working and living space. If you are ready to begin the process of improving your level of safety, shoring up your spiritual boundaries and learning how to protect yourself (on every level) until you reach your destination – this is the place to begin. 

A weak energy field means a compromised body – you must take steps in every area of your life to protect yourself both inside and out. 

The following are 10 ways that I have discovered, implemented and adhere to day after day to feel stronger and secure so that I can use my energy to focus on my spiritual path.

1. Don’t share a clinic room with anyone. Seriously. I know that it cost’s money and we probably don’t feel we make enough money to have a place of your own. For the most part this is absolutely correct – however, if you look hard enough and create an opening somewhere, you will find a place of your own. I have successfully worked in the smallest of places, self-contained in my own energy.

Otherwise there is just too much energy flying around and this will compromise the quality of your work space. Your space needs to be your own, with only your energy in there, this is the easiest and safest way to work for everyone.

2. Observe, watch, listen and then act on what you see. As observers in our own lives we can know exactly what is taking place, where and when. Anything taking place outside of you is also happening on the inside, all you have to do is pay attention. If your clients are presenting with drug addictions for example, it is time to seriously look at yourself and what you are drawing to you.

3. Do not under any circumstances eat Night Shades, these fruits are potatoes, tomatoes, aubergine, peppers, chillies and gogi berries. Go out of your way to avoid them, remove them from your home and banish them from your life as these fruits contain neurotoxins that seriously impair your immune system and interfere with internal communication. I refer to them as the anti-christ of the food chain.

4. Dress in natural fibers, cotton, wool, linen and so forth as much as possible especially the clothes that are close to your skin. Your energy field is an extension of your body, this grows and is fluid, natural fibers do not interfere with its’ function the way synthetics will. You will also feel better and your skin will be able to breathe – anything that promotes health of the body enhances the energy field.

5. Change your diet to follow a spiritual path. If you consider yourself to be a spiritual person, and want to move further along on the path, there is a specific diet and lifestyle that must be adhered to. Of course, most of this is just common sense! Remove toxins (sugar, Night Shades, processed foods), drugs (alcohol, caffeine), eat mostly plants, cook your own food and eat simply. Following The Pagan Diet makes it easy for those of us on our journeys’ because there are food days, fast days and feast days – a complete year of eating. Your diet is the single largest component of your protection system.

6. Use specific foods like garlic and herbs often for protection as well as for healing. These foods promote health of the energy field and work in concert with the body’s own intelligence. Ensure that you use natural, organic and wild harvested herbs when ever possible. Garlic in particular strengthens the immune function offering a high level defence system guarding your energy field. Use it raw as often as you can.

7. Water is vital for your energy, cleansing and clearing the body with over 66% contained in body tissues. It is imperative to find a source of clean, non-bottled, untreated well or spring water and to begin using this for all your cooking and drinking. If possible, move to the country choosing a house with well water, rural and country living are far better suited to walking a spiritual path.

8. Keep a television and radio free home – these frequencies are like poison to your energy field. In our frequency affluent world today, nearly every contraption is emitting some form of radio wave, pulse or electromagnetic force. The human energy field is vibration sensitive, these frequencies cause disturbances within the field and interfere with information processing and communication. We are not safe with these in close proximity, personally I do not own a television and do not use or listen to a radio.

9. Work on yourself constantly, know your own issues, patterns and boundaries. This is extremely important because when we are exposed to other people’s energetic patterns and issues, at times it can adhere to our energy field. You will quickly know when this happens if you are well aware of your own ‘stuff’ and how your body’s energy feels. This can then be quickly released and removed. 

10. Reduce time spent on mobile phones, keep them away from your head (use head set or ear phones) to reduce radiation exposure and do not allow them in your bedroom or where you sleep. Our phones are actually kept in another room separate from where the family usually gathers, all the charging takes place there as well. When we are going out together we often decide to not take any phones with us and to enjoy a frequency free afternoon. Mobile phones work on radio and electromagnetic frequencies in the same way as radio and emit radiation into your field. Any form of electromagnetic radiation causes harm and damages the energy field.


Walking the talk requires time, effort, energy and commitment to not only yourself and your particular mission here, but also time spent considering the impact of your actions for the benefit of the rest of the world. 

Why not make your mark, a ripple in the pond of life - be a rebel, dare to take care!


Sea salt - a fantastic healer, cleanser and detox aid

***Excerpt taken from April's list of 25 Ways To Protect Yourself In the Healing Professions. 

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