Wednesday 15 August 2012

It's All A Lie?

What if absolutely everything you have been told all of your life by nearly everyone (organizations,  companies, religions, government, 'those' in power) has been a lie? A series of false data creating a smoke screen meant to throw you off your path, enslave you, keep you down and force you into subservience?

Quite a statement there, huh? The sad fact here is that this is true. We can choose to cling to the official line and believe all that spews out from highly controlled mediums such as radio, television, internet and 'the news'. Or we can plan a journey within to find the truth for ourselves.

There are things we are led to believe each and every day - which couldn't be further from the truth.
  • You will eventually develop 'some' dysfunction and end up on medication as you age
  • Your food from the supermarket contains adequate nutrition
  • Water, milk, food etc. is safer after having been treated with chemicals
  • Your body needs help healing itself via drugs
  • You go to school to learn

If indeed, nearly everything we have been told about life, our bodies, the food we eat, the way we function and even who we are and what we are capable of is completely incorrect, what then is real and how do I go about sorting this out?

First of all, the term 'research' is a farce - you cannot conduct experiments on a tiny group within a population and consider any information  that is gained to be worthwhile. There are far too many variables, a host of parameters which we are not able (or interested it seems) to control for and there are many differences amongst individuals.

But, this is not even the beginning of the charade! There are no people on this planet free from toxins, debris and poisons which would also influence any results - and who/what is healthy? What is the definition of health, compared to what?

Health is not the mere absence of disease. I would venture to say again that you would be hard pressed to find one who is 'healthy'.

Therefore, any and all trials, experiments and studies carried out on 'healthy' people are null and void. Besides, what does it matter that 'this' drug works on 'that' man made condition resulting from poor diet, lack of exercise and general lack of interest in life? It doesn't solve the problem.

This is important because much of our accepted information about the human body is based on assumptions made from carrying out 'research'. If we suddenly threw out the false knowledge we might be left with a very different picture.

What sorts of things would change, dissolve and otherwise fall apart?

  • food pyramids set up to create disease?
  • education systems designed to encourage conformity?
  • religious organizations based on dysfunctional fear?
  • medical care absolutely focused on sickness?

I read a lot, talk to people and listen to everything around me - so far there are not many people who have hit home with the fact that awakening is all about having your eyes opened to the truth. Once this happens, anything else in the lie becomes an obstacle that must be cast by the wayside or else you cannot live with yourself.

When you begin to wake up (this is a gradual process) the only way forward is to systematically remove components of the fabricated universe as you make every effort to see what lies beyond. Thus, stepping into levels of higher consciousness is a little like seeing heaven and then stopping at nothing until you have entered its' gates.

You know what I know? We are incredible beyond belief, powerful beyond measure and capable of far more then we will ever realize on this plane of existence. Our bodies can heal everything and anything without interference, our food should be simple and our needs of it little, the untapped potential energy at our source is limitless and that we don't really believe any of this.

Why? Because 'they' (those who enslave you) are afraid for us to find out.

Have a nice day,


water is life 

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