Sunday 19 August 2012

It is Time to Take Your Safety Seriously - Walking The Spiritual Path

I have often thought about this and indeed have been asked by many over the years, if I was to give just one piece of advice for someone walking the spiritual path - what would it be? If this was to be the last time that I was able to speak freely, to write a note for those of you making your way along these roads, there isn't too much that I would focus on - just safety.

Of course, this is an entire subject in and of itself. I remember the days way back when I used to 'have fun' doing Reiki, energy healing, readings and general work of energy medicine with out giving any thought to the fact that I was entirely unsafe. 

These issues were barely spoken about and certainly not addressed in any formal manner - mostly because the teachers themselves were completely unaware and unable to 'discern' the entities that were coming in and 'assisting' with this healing. 

I have often wondered since, about what is worse, to be in a vulnerable position and not know it or to be fully aware of the danger, evil and corruption that lurks on every corner and feel helpless to do anything about it? 

Some of the biggest, most immoral, dangerous thugs and criminals in the Universe have been showing up during energy healing sessions because we have been opening ourselves up and calling them in. What better then a trusting, innocent, hands on healer (tasty morsel), that you can attach yourself to and then proceed to drain the life out of?

Do you have any idea how many people I have met and continue to meet who complain of this, have all the symptoms of an energy entity attachment (and can see these nasties) and can find not one answer, not one form of relief and then go out there again - hoping for the best?

For those of you who are still wanting to believe that this is not happening or couldn't possibly be taking place - the energy world is not any different from the world that we see around us. If you haven't yet understood that there is a high level of corruption (absolutely everywhere - start at the top of the food chain with governments) then look around.

Okay, so this is the way things are. So what? One of the most basic precepts of energy medicine is 'as above, so below' -- this criminal element that we see in the world, this dysfunctional drain on society, it is equally taking place on every level.

In every dimension, every realm, every energy pocket, every kingdom and sphere - there is corruption along with the elements for good. Unfortunately the disease of greed and energy exploitation is all pervasive and it most certainly affects your work, your life and even your health.

You especially, because you are 'walking the path' with your energy field wide open.

Think about it. Go back to when you first started getting involved in energy work or therapy or healing of some sort - what has changed for you? Has your life been enriched from the work you are doing? I mean, financially? Has your weight changed? Your health? Have you struggled in every sense of the word and continue to do so?

For those of us walking the talk, steadily working our way along this spiritual path - this is not how it is supposed to be. Your life should not be going downhill because you made a spiritual decision to find your purpose, destiny, soul or whatever words we are using these days.

Your life should be better, easier, supported. But, most of all you should be guaranteed safe passage on the journey. The fact that we are not is telling us that something has been very, very wrong and has breeched our inner defenses. 

In the beginning when I first started to do my work as an Intuitive, especially full time in my practice, I was really aware of how much energy was floating around. With the old ways of doing things, like channeling, we really put ourselves out there into the world, often without a clue about energy. 

However, what is far worse, is that we leave ‘ourselves’ out there. 

What I was seeing with myself, was that no matter how hard I tried, cleared, protected, dealt with (processed) and so on, I was still taking on lots of the energetic stuff I was endeavouring to help others with. Knowing how energy works, it’s no doubt that they (my clients) were taking on my stuff as well. 

It soon became my constant mantra and prayer: Universe/God, I am not going to do this work, if this is the way it has to be. I simply did not want to work in this manner because instead of feeling great at the end of a day, I felt full, heavy and was aware of energy attachments. 

I saw other healers, energy workers, therapists and so forth, going through the exact same situations and patterns as myself, from working with all this energy. The self-protection techniques, such as placing a bubble of white light around me, were only temporary measures, for the most part, things came on board, within my energy field, as attachments, blocked energy, yukky stuff, just hanging around, and this stuff was tangible. 

I could see it and feel it. For the most part as people released energy during a session, it has to go somewhere, it will not dissipate into thin air like smoke. Therefore energy finds a ‘home’ by clinging onto the next available warm body, when there is an opening. 

As my level of awareness continued to develop, so did my understanding of what was really happening to my energy field- and if this was happening to me, it was happening to everyone else. 

I was constantly exchanging energy with absolutely everyone I met and had been for all of my life. 

I began to work very hard at understanding, when, what and why I was taking in some things and not others, what stayed, what did not, and the degree of difficulty to clear the field. 

Often these things were scary, ugly emotions that had been dis-placed by a client. More and more I was seeing a pattern - I attracted certain things, and repelled others; usually the negative stuff stayed and the positive left. You know how you start to feel really good or pleased with yourself over something and then this big dark cloud comes sailing in….I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on to make this happen.

Another curious observation was that family members, friends and associates, people that I knew more closely, left more behind or within my field then the clients with whom I was working. I knew then that this was because I was interacting with these people on a different level, deeper patterns and dimensions of myself were being engaged.

Being an Intuitive, I needed to understand all of these dynamics and to know why the energy field was operating the way it was. I had my energy work as my starting point and from here it all began to take shape.

There is much you can do about this to not only protect yourself but also to get back the life you are here to live. It is time to wake up and do something about it. Today.


Closing the Energy Leaks©

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