Monday 5 November 2012

Knowledge is Power - "Justified true Belief"

I don’t know about you, but I happen to know everything. 

Yep, just ask me (or my husband!) – I either know it already or will find it out shortly. I am an intuitive and I know many things about life, my body and all that takes place here in these spaces in between. 

You might think I am saying this tongue in cheek – and I am for the most part. However there is one part of me that is quite serious. My body has shown me over and over again – that every little thing I need to walk this human, spiritual, earthly path from start to finish – I already know. 

As a human being my organs, tissues and cells contain all the information I could possibly need to navigate this path or any other path I might choose to walk in this place I exist in. I always know what to do, no matter what circumstance I find myself in.

For instance, we are hardwired for spirituality, coded within our DNA is the information necessary to find our way onwards and upwards. This DNA is part of the internal function of higher consciousness for those of us choosing to pursue this road. 

We are also quite in tune with nature, the land, and all that grows here as food or medicine. I have seen bodies respond gently, easily and quickly to herbs given during times of illness or need. The same with appropriate food – within a few hours and certainly days of any diet change our tissues and cells function more efficiently and we feel better for it.

One of my biggest peeves is when people who are supposedly spiritual declare to everyone else how little we ‘know’. Or how the more we know about the Universe or whatever, the less we ‘know’. Or, that the further you go into your own spirituality the less you ‘know’ about the world or any combination of these.

I don’t buy a word of it. Because the more I travel this road the more I know about the world around me, herbs, food, what I need, who I am, what I want from this life and what I am doing here. 

What is far more then any of this – I am learning to know what my body is capable of – and it is quite something, apparently! For instance, I have listened to my body and healed from cancer, learned how and what to eat, had a free birth of a breech baby, feed, teach and raise my family drug and medication free…. 

Obviously, if you are walking a path of some kind, you are meant to be going inwards, working your way to the centre of your being. This is the entire purpose of any of the spiritual work we are compelled to do, learning and gathering information as we go.

However, for those who feel that the further along the spiritual path they travel, the less they know – just what path are you on? And where on Earth is it? 

You must be delving into your own spirituality, to be walking the talk… that means your own body, mind and soul. And believe me, if you are doing this work the right way around, you will ‘know’..... 

– all that you know lies deep inside, waiting for your discovery.  


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