Wednesday 28 November 2012

Walking The Talk - Natural Healing

I don't often write (anymore) about some of the issues I hold closest to my heart - at least not like I used to, perhaps I feel that there are already so many people out there speaking out right now - and I no longer need to lend my voice to the cause.

Then some days I realize that a lot of these voices are not quite where they should be and not coming from the level of integrity that I would expect (or hope) to find within some of these causes. That's one main issue, then there is the double edge or convoluting of the message, or to put it more clearly, people trying to have it both ways.

I used to know people who told me they went to a church not because they believed in anything that was being talked about, but because they wanted to cover all their bases. Just in the off chance that they were wrong about their own lives and beliefs, then they had their foot firmly in each door. 

When it comes to health, healing and your higher consciousness - no situation such as this will work for very long. You cannot live in two camps - follow two masters and sing from two distinctly different books. Unless of course you are completely deluding yourself. In which case, carry on, this article will not be of much use to you. 

Let me explain....

Very early on in my 'wake up call' I was told in no uncertain terms by my body that this was a one way path. There was absolutely no room for sitting on a fence watching the world go by and wishing or thinking or kidding myself into believing I was firmly on one side or the other.

When it comes to the fundamental basics of life you simply cannot do things half way. In this broadest sense of these words you are either with the program or not at all. Because, once again just like with the food you are eating, you cannot fool your body into anything.

Bearing this in mind walk with me into the pharmaceutical world - of course there are many natural pharmaceuticals such as garlic, nettle, dandelion (natural herbs) and commonly known healers that are here for our exclusive use as food and such. Then we have the synthetics - some substance made in a lab, considered 'safe' for human use under certain circumstances and to be used according to instructions..

Taking part in both of these systems seems to now be the national pastime - I will use herbs to heal, then chemicals to push down, then good food to detox and dirty water to wash it all away. Do you see where I am coming from? You cannot trick your body into anything - it is a very sophisticated bio-energetic system capable of recognizing and detecting the smallest change in compounds and structures.

Concoctions with the vibration of a building, carry the energetic signature of the people, corporation, and machinery where it was made. Not to mention their individual and collective intention, fears and negativity which pass readily into any manmade highly processed substance. 

In nature, a plant such as the dandelion carries no such extra baggage (unless it has been sprayed by chemicals) and it's only intention is to do exactly what it was designed to do. Heal, feed, nourish, uplift, detox, clear and any other uses your body can find for it. 

To take such a gift and then chase it down with an aberration completely unrelated to compounds your body might recognize as healing compounds would be counter productive to say the very least. At the outset you are not doing yourself any favors - one will cancel out the other and in fact, the synthetic medicine will interfere with all your body needs to accomplish with the herb. 

If we are feeling unwell - inflammation, infection, virus or anything in between - by following a clean diet, drinking natural unprocessed water and using these herbs regularly, we can and will overcome anything. However, we cannot use more then one system and expect to heal, help or encourage positive results in our bodies for very long. 

It is exactly the same with higher consciousness, religion or whatever you are attempting to do in your life - pick your path, then follow it with everything you have in you, to do otherwise will not take you anywhere significant.


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