Thursday 1 November 2012

Raising Our Vibration - Consciousness Part II

There is a lot of discussion and even more written about consciousness, awareness and spirituality - a person has to really carefully consider all that is being said and what it really means... or who is saying it in the first place. 

I have read these exact words recently ‘through meditation we will eventually transform into higher beings’ – this caused me to stop for a minute! I sincerely hope this person doesn’t really believe that. Nothing could be further from the truth, in actual fact.

But wait here’s another one – ‘think pure and light filled thoughts’ to transform yourself into a higher being – ok. That will take you a little ways, but then the negative dark thoughts creep back in and now what? 

Energy medicine, raising the vibration of our cells is not complicated or even difficult. What it takes is persistence, patience and discipline. You have to walk it, take each day as it comes, believe in yourself and most of all – trust your body to do the work.

This is what ascension is all about: A vibrational shift taking place on a cellular level. This is not going to happen when you are eating McDonald’s or drinking water from the municipal supply. How would you expect your cells to shift (permanently) while a continuous supply of poisons are ingested. It is not going to happen.

As an intuitive here is what I am certain about – you must change your diet, you must take exquisite care of your body, and you must carry on even under the most difficult of circumstances. As physical beings we are more than capable of walking a spiritual path - being multi-dimensional we can also have a spiritual experience while doing it! 

So, this is not rocket science – the only way to change your energy and raise your vibration is to change your diet and water to something which is capable of holding the purity and light you are seeking. 

Water is the conduit for all our human consciousness (it is no accident we are 66% H2O) – the bottom line here is if your water is toxic, then there is a problem. 

All change begins on the inside of the human body – raising consciousness in the human species is the same as turning on certain internal switches as well as shifting DNA. This is a physical change in the body which in turn causes an equal shift in mind and spirit.  

You cannot sit under a tree, contemplate all there is in the Universe and become enlightened. It simply doesn’t work that way. This is a path you will walk, and like any other journey you might embark on there will be obstacles, people to slow you down, nasty dogs nipping at your feet, broken cars, hurt feelings as well as beautiful sights along the way.

This is a journey of epic proportions, something you will only embark on once in many lifetimes. These doors are not always open to us – and even if they were, we are not always going to receive an invitation. 

The timing has to be right within ourselves as well as in the Universe. People who are going to leave everything (yes, that’s right) and begin such an endeavour are the graduates. They have walked, lived, been here and done their homework to such an extent that they are now ready to progress ahead to graduate status. 

There is no book called ‘walking the spiritual path for dummies’ – the signs are posted along the way, we have to pay attention, that’s all.


Roses in the garden...

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