Monday 19 November 2012

Soul Re-covery on the Spiritual Path

Perhaps the single biggest thing that holds us back in life is the family that raised us. I would not refer to them as our family of origin because as many of you walking the spiritual path are finding out, an unsupportive and unloving family are not likely to be connected to you on a soul level. 

Probably the easiest way to describe this is that we have been mixed up on an energetic level – some of us have been enslaved, adopted out, lost and otherwise taken in by strangers at various times during our lives here on this planet.

When we come back then into another lifetime, energetic ties have been established and work must be done to break free of them. That is why many of us are finding we are pulling away from childhood associations – once the patterns resolve. 

Mainly because there are so many of us determined to work on our own ‘stuff’ this time around! 

This makes for an interesting time of it during this ‘awakening’ on the earth right now, mostly because part of rising consciousness is sorting ourselves out. And certainly finally understanding who and what we are and what we have come here to do; is all a part of that path.

Sifting through our past lives, present circumstances and hopeful future, are what walking a spiritual path should entail. Of course it takes in much more ground than that, but getting back to your point of origin (first lifetime) is a priority. 

Why is that so? To put this clearly and succinctly – when each of us arrived here on this planet to take up residence and work through our life cycle – we came here intact.

That means we had a soul, an essence, a family of origin, fully functioning DNA, a spiritual map and a compass. We were in working order and operational as divine beings on the path.

Many things have taken place over the several lifetimes since – but perhaps the most significant of these is how our souls have been shattered, broken and parts of it lost in the melee. With the resulting disconnect and then not remembering our pasts and where we came from. 

Right now this is where we are finding our interests and minds drawn – to deeper more pressing questions of who we are and what purpose must this lifetime serve here at this time. 

In order to answer these questions, missing, lost and forgotten pieces of ourselves must be found and integrated with the whole. This is the work of spirit – a regeneration of profound importance.

And part of our spiritual re-covery. 


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