Wednesday 14 November 2012

Social Life - On the Spiritual Path

As this is my blog and it rests upon me to be really honest with you, I am going to do just that as there is an important aspect of walking the path that I must share with you. Social life as I had come to know it consisted of spending time with several people whom either myself or my husband did not particularly like, or they did not like my children. And probably I did not like aspects of them either.

We tolerated each others company- yet in some ways it was like an addiction or perhaps part of the ‘sickness’ of living, eating, and behaving like I was someone I am NOT. When I was around these people I did not act like myself- actually I don’t even know who that is and neither do they as there are strict perimeters of behaviour that everyone has to follow.

The game is; as long as you follow ‘the rules’ everything is fine, the minute you step outside of these expectations then the game is over and things get very uncomfortable. What I am talking about here is that with many people I could only speak about certain topics- do not stray from their agenda. I could only dress a certain way, I must not let my hair down and be silly or I (God forbid) must never speak about what I did for a living.

Shhh! Don't tell anyone I am a Medical Intuitive, Clinical Nutritionist, work with energy and know lots about food, nutrition, herbs and exercise. We are not supposed to talk about anything 'alternative'....

So I, like you, had all of these people around me, people who did not understand me, did not necessarily like me, were not interested in the way I live, those who would only ring when they wanted something, fair weather friends who were there looking to scoop up some positive energy but not to be found if the situation was dire. 

And this was my SOCIAL LIFE

Even now I remember it all so clearly, play their game, do what they want you to do, carry on with the Big Pretense that it was alright to be slighted, belittled, ridiculed or undermined (while pretending I was someone I was not) because these were family/friends after all and that is what good dysfunctional families do to each other. 

I woke up one day and decided that I had enough and that I did not want my children to see me concede large parts of myself in order to spend time around a few people who did not even want to know who we were, what we believed, how we lived and what our dreams are- there was not the slightest bit of interest in us. 

This is a loveless, cancerous, psychotic and parasitic illusion of social interaction, and indeed is not RECIPROCAL when it involves the requirement to protect yourself and your children from these vampires.

Initially what prompted me to move away from these engagements was the simple fact that it was influencing my children and for those of you who know me, I have come across the world to protect my children and will do what it takes to keep them safe.

And yes, they are not safe around people who steal their energy, rob them of ideas, thoughts and love and especially not safe around people who do not necessarily want to be around me or their father.

However, this is particularly important to understand- if someone does not like you, makes no effort to  accept you - then by the Universal laws of energy this carries over to all aspects of your life, your children and will hold you back. 

So I ended up going through a long phase of not having much of a social life outside of my own home, we, as a family, became dependent on each other, got to know each other more deeply, we stay up late into the night talking, drinking dandelion coffee, watching DVD’s and actually enjoy being with each other. Having children has cemented this relationship and we are devoted to our lives, our food and the way that we know that we need to teach our children how to survive in the world that is to come.

For me it has been freeing to live without the pretense and no more being around people you grit your teeth about - finally our life is about living and following a healthy lifestyle and walking our path with each other.


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