Friday 14 December 2012

An Excerpt from Angel Files - Out in the Energy Field

** Below is an excerpt from my book Angel Files - I've broken it down into 3 sections, this is the first one...

The Three Great Wars

I recently watched a clip of an ex KGB agent in which he described a set program used to gain control over a population. It is based on using a plan, which is played out in society and takes effect over several generations.

He used the following terms; demoralize, destabilize, crisis, and normalize to describe the process by which ‘government’ or those in positions of power, use to accomplish this goal of complete dominance. 

I recognized this immediately as fitting in perfectly with the “New World Order’ and the various causes initiated in America and the UK but which have quickly gained momentum and gone viral around the globe. 

The following declarations of war have not been mechanisms useful as a solution to any world problem and have actually only served to align networks of criminality while ignoring (and distracting the population from) the real issues of poverty, famine and ignorance.

I have broken down the program outline into how I believe it works and applied it to what we have been subject to in recent living memory. I am including what some of its effects on those of us living on this planet have been and the potential future for humanity.


During living memory the world has been subjected to three recent great wars waged against the ‘bad guys’ and played out for us in largesse on the media stage. I remember the first one, perhaps not exactly how it was started but when the ‘The War on Cancer’ was declared it was to great aplomb and hope.

This scourge upon the earth will now be eradicated, according to ‘them’ in the same manner as polio and small pox, through drugs, vaccines, medication, toxic chemical cocktails and massive amounts of money.

The various cancer societies, which have grown up as a result of this declaration of war have raised billions towards the lofty goal of curing this group of conditions. And they still collect their money; door to door through registered charities, tax revenues, sales of pink ribbons, research grants and endowments - as part of the biggest farce ever carried out on the human race.

I have both recovered from cancer personally and have worked with a few people who are dealing with this fungal condition in my professional life. The one thing that is abundantly clear is you cannot ‘heal’ your body with toxic chemicals, money and a political campaign.

Your body, mind and soul understands one thing- energy. It is this vibration of all things that sets us apart from the other beings here on this planet and provides all the information we require to work with our own physical reality. 

Cancer, just like any other disease process responds immediately and positively to a healthy diet, clean water, fasting, exercise and emotional therapies. It does this by raising the vibration of the human body. 

This is the ONLY cure for this condition as it is fungal, yeast, mold and viral based and these entities must be cleared from the body in order to fix or heal the problem. Otherwise you just treat symptoms of bigger issues and not the real threat to the body.

Of course those fighting this war know very well that nutrition, fasting, exercise and other therapeutic work takes care of all illness- but the ‘war’ rages on because, one thing we have learned in our modern world is that war is great for business.

If you want to boost sales, create a new market and perpetuate fear amongst a population, enslave them within a seemingly ‘no-win’ situation, tell them repeatedly that ‘we are nearly there’ but not yet, and demoralize them by providing ‘sick care’ while withholding health care.

This ‘war on cancer’ is conducted by government health care systems and their official agencies around the world, in every possible setting. Headed up by so-called specialists trained to provide you with the latest methods in modern combat- each weapon more lethal then the previous one. 

This is taking place without impunity, poisons are provided by people who would NOT take them or give them to their own families yet they encourage, coerce and in certain instances force their treatments upon trusting patients. 

Their war on cancer has everyone running for their lives, humans have never before been sicker, weaker, more fearful and unbelievably toxic as they are right now. Cancer rates have soared in direct correlation with the growth of the industry, the output of new ‘medications’ and the profit of the pharmaceuticals.

This war has been so successful, but is only a piece of the overall plan, their work is far from over.

(next section soon)

April Danann© 2009

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