Sunday 16 December 2012

The Great Wars of Heaven & Earth

**This is the second part of an excerpt from my book Angel Files - go back to the last post to start the article from the beginning 


Then we moved into a new decade with more horizons to conquer- their war on cancer was flourishing and reaping benefits in all the right places- except not where it would make a human difference as health status is worse than ever.

Next came the ‘War on Drugs’ which is handy as the young people of the 60’s generation were growing up and having children of their own- you know, the ones without morals as they have been demoralized.

So, another war was declared in the world, this time to combat the illegal drugs trade, as on the streets it was getting out of hand and the world was becoming an even more dangerous place or so we are told in their media, ad nauseam.

This culture which embodies the over use of antibiotics, medications, toxic compounds and chemicals brought into the main stream, is the perfect breeding ground for falsifying health benefits and claims of this system.

These so called experts have us cowering in fear of life without their insurance and health care schemes- by extending sick care and reclassifying disease to encompass more and more normal human function, every physical action and reaction is now a dysfunction which of course can be treated with a drug. 

We have long left behind the trust and faith engendered by self knowledge of our own bodies thanks to the chemicals, poisons and inadequate nutrition heaped upon us by the ‘experts’. Every ache, pain, itch, sniffle and belch can now be taken care of with a capsule, pill, lotion or potion that reinforces within us how very fragile, frail and prone to failure we must be.

The fine inner workings and advanced communication capabilities of the physical form have been eroded and dismantled as a result of overgrowth of molds, yeast, non beneficial viral and bacterial populations. 

We are lining up to readily and willingly inject their chemical cocktails into our tissues because we no longer TRUST our own self-care, we now trust THEM to take care of us. The drug culture is pervasive, there are drugs for every generation, the elderly with heart medication, the bored middle aged has Viagra and even the crazy youth can have something (anti-depressants, ADHD meds and so on), designed to keep them permanently outside of their bodies.

Our streets in every town, city and outpost on any Friday night the world over, is a study in so called illegal activity with both young and old taking their drug of choice in order to get through the evening. 

Never before have we seen such a variety of contraband available, you can purchase medications, the usual standbys of hash, weed, and cocaine, and increasingly new designer drugs will take you out of this world faster, higher and cheaper. Every mixture conceivable is not only available, it is easily obtained, ready to use, accepted and even expected in many circles. 

This ‘War on Drugs’ has been so successful that when supply threatened to be shut down or more tightly controlled the war moved into remote places such as Afghanistan in order to maintain and step up production levels. Since that time, availability of street drugs has increased, revenue and war budgets have grown to equally match this lucrative trade.

The only thing growing more bountifully then their profit, is their greed. 


Life had been moving along with these existing wars in full swing when there was a momentary blip with the turning century from 1999 to the year 2000- and for about a year many people were quite distracted with the associated nonsense. The year and century changed and our life went on as before. Or did it?

Perhaps this was the start of the drama and the decade of crisis as within a very short period of time we had worldwide attention focused on one single event that was masterminded to deaden our souls and to purge hope from our bodies.

9/11 is now synonymous with terror, fear, hatred and unfathomable loss of human rights and freedom.

Within short order the ‘powers that be’ declared a unilateral “War on Terror” and the pieces all fell into place neatly like an ordered puzzle. It could not have been set up and carried out better if it had been planned for years. Or was it?

There are a great many people in this world, myself included, from all walks of life who believe that this great atrocity called 9/11 was carried out according to a grand plan to curb what little sense of freedom, security, dignity and self-respect we humans had left.

Once again the world was plunged into terror and crisis, only this time it was being orchestrated from a well-oiled machine within a vast network of war mongers who have been anticipating this event, readying themselves for plunder and the spoils of war.

Leading the way, the United States created a ‘terror alert’ system which they operated to great effect during the first few years of their foray into new territory, keeping people around the world worried, anxious, suspicious, fearful and in a constant state of emergency as never before.

Now in its 11th full year, this recent reign of terror has indeed accomplished all it set out to and far more. The human inhabitants of this planet have never been so regulated, watched, scrutinized, impeded in speech, thought and deed and ‘governmented’ to death.

We are the ones being terrorized by these fallen angels of the Illuminati, as the game plan is to instill fear of each other, fear of movement, fear of speaking up and out, fear of planning, hoping and working towards something much better. 

We cannot trust Big Government, we cannot trust Big Food and even Bigger Seeds, we cannot trust Big Bank, Big Business (the ones that survive) we cannot not trust Big Health scare or Big Pharma. Without trust there is not a whisper of hope, without trust there is not a sliver of light, without trust there is no future for humanity.

Without trust there is only more ‘big’ fear

The War of Terror and its associated expectation of catastrophe has indeed struck the planet, taken hold of each life and sucked us down into its spiral, leaving us gagging and choking on the fumes of what is left of our souls.

April Danann 2009©

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