Friday 7 December 2012

Energy Vampires Surface at this Time of Year…

There are so many ways we can discuss negative energy and I have mentioned several of them over the years on my blogs. Of course whenever we start talking about the economy or banks and money – these days, our thoughts turn to negativity.

I have been exploring some of the ways that all of this negativity from news sources, poor food choices, damaging relationships, dead end jobs and whatever it is that we have taken on board, ultimately affects us.

For the most part, we feel drained by it all. So what does that mean exactly? For me it means feeling heavy, lacking energy, my mind seems dulled down, I might hurt physically, and feel so very tired.

How would this look to an Intuitive doing a reading on your energy field? And what exactly has taken place within and around our bodies to cause this situation? What part of us is being drained?

Usually I can pinpoint the place, source and nature of the drain. However that is only half the story because the most important aspects of feeling and being drained would be to uncover the deeper underlying energy pattern.

For instance, when and why did this start, how deep does it go and what damage has been done (physically especially). Next on the agenda is to formulate a plan to start to heal up the leaks in the energy field as well as to reverse the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional fallout from this serious breach in the energy field. 

Those are the mechanics of the energy field, it’s function and the way it operates. So now we can look more closely at how it (being drained) plays out in our every day lives and affects our outlook.

When you feel drained, it’s as if someone has a hold on you and you can’t release it no matter what you do. This is more often than not, a close family member or someone to whom you felt responsible or beholden to. I have seen pity do an incredible number on a person’s energy field as well – it’s such a negative fear based emotion.

But, symptoms of being drained don’t stop there – you can overeat, make poor food choices, you are attempting to fill an emptiness inside (that never goes away), feel depressed because you are filling up with someone else’s energy (there is always an energy exchange) and try as you might, just can’t seem to get yourself moving some days.

Thankfully our energy field being what it is, this tends to be cyclical – most patterns are, they surface at specific times of the year, during times of stress or fear and when our buttons are pushed for one reason or another. Which means, you usually don’t feel like this ALL the time or even most of the time…just enough of the time, to know that something is pulling your energy.

This is the time of the year when negativity seems to culminate – and I think it has something to do with some of the pressure we might place on ourselves, but also there are people who want to hold back those who truly enjoy this season.

However, the main reason the energy vampires come out at this time of the year is because it is the season of love (family, good feelings, warmth). Everything in the Universe comes down to something very simple and this situation is no different.

Love is a force, which very few of us have found or experience (fully) and we should consider ourselves fortunate when we feel love from the special people in our lives. Love is an energy all of it’s own, far more then an emotion, it is a form of power that some people have and others want to possess.

Or at least soak up at special times of the year. Neither of which (using other’s energy) is right in terms of the way energy works. You can only use, work with, heal, change or fix what belongs to you.

And that extends to making it a point to find your own source of love inside of you…isn’t that what this journey home is all about? 


Sunflower starting to open.....


  1. April, thank you for this... I studied in IINH and once was lucky enough to be in a student clinic that you supervised. I had heard that you had a 'free birth' some time ago and the very notion of such a thing was dismissed as madness by the teller of the story. I am just beginning to get my body ready for pregnancy (I hope!) and it is reassuring to know someone who has made the choices you have.

  2. Dear Ruth, I am pleased to hear from you - you are most welcome. As you can see, I live what I know to be true. Otherwise, there would be no point to learning each of these things. The birth of my daughter taught me a few things - the most important being birth as a normal process, not the medical trauma it has now become.

    If we look at all of our life in the same way - it's so simple really - eat well, exercise and let your body do what it needs to do. I guess I am just talking and doing the things others are fearful of doing! LOL

    So pleased for your comment, come back and visit any time, Happy Holidays!