Friday 28 December 2012

You Are Now Entering Dimension 20....

So, now I have your attention, you are probably wondering what the hell dimension 20 is, right? Well, a long time ago, I went on a quest (one of my many) to discover what each of the human dimensions are and what they mean.

I know a few basic things about time travel, astral projection, inter-dimensional access; just from being an intuitive, psychic or whatever it's called these days. As humans (well, most of us are anyway) we can access 32 dimensions.

How do I know this? You only have a maximum of 32 teeth (usually, but I did have 4 extra - might that be why I am so intuitive, I've always wondered) as an adult and therefore can in theory gain entry into those 32 realms open to us.

Of course, look at what we do to our teeth! And the sugar we eat OMFG - I have long shouted it out to whomever would listen - don't eat their 'food', it's poison and look at what it does to your teeth. Actually I would be very particular about what would go into my mouth....but don't get me started on food here.

Back to Dimension 20 - this is a shadow dimension (all even numbers are) and represents the night dreams or any places that you might go when you sleep. Naturally sleep is a funny thing - it is an altered state of consciousness for most of us and we have several stages during sleep time.

I love sleep and throughout my entire life could not wait to get to bed to go to sleep and dream. The worlds I enter there are far more familiar to me, then this one. And more comfortable too. Each and every night I dream at least 2 or 3 distinct dreams and I have come to discover quite a few things along the way....

First of all, I began my research into this realm by keeping a dream journal - for over a decade. I have stacks of journals and remember quite a few dreams from those important years. So, if you really want to get in touch with yourself through your dreams, this is a great way to start.

Once you begin doing some deeper work on yourself such as Closing Energy Leaks (see my book if you want to learn more) your dream state will change because your energy field (body, mind & soul) become a safer, cleaner place to be.

The most notable changes were of my dreams falling into clear patterns of mind - body - soul messages most nights. In other words, the 2 or three dreams I would have arrived as a message from my mind, then body, then soul or spirit.

Another cool observation I made was how, each of us in the house would have dreams that were interconnected. For instance I could have a mind and body dream and then my son would have a soul dream. They would all fit together in some interesting way by playing out in our lives or informing us of something.

I have even been able to categorize my dreams into 'psychic' ones (I usually have these just before waking) that inform me of some event that is coming my way. Then there are what I refer to as 'downloads' - where information or data is brought into my consciousness - I had a huge one the night before my daughter was born at home with all the information I needed for the birth.

The list goes on! There are so many ways to work with and within our dreams. I have been actively doing this through Closing the Energy Leaks for many years now - and it has changed everything. Whatever you plan on doing in 2013 - place your dreams (day and night ones) front and centre....

I have a feeling they are about to become very significant in our lives


Closing the Energy Leaks(c) or Windows.... 

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