Wednesday 19 December 2012

The Last Great War....from the Angel Files

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A persistent state of crisis can only hold the deeper implications of either recovery or death- therefore, to keep vast numbers of people, entire populations and countries hanging on with ramped up intensity and no reprieve on the horizon, is an actual crime against humanity.

As all three of these wars have been ongoing for so long and with such pervasiveness that you would think we would hardly notice if another war were added to the melee. But we have and we did and we will because this one, the BIG one is the MOTHER of all wars.

We are already glimpsing what is to come with this ‘new order’ of things because during this past two or three years we have been subjected to a large scale panic-demic of monstrous proportions. Swine flu reared its head or rather this tame pig was released into the ethers to do its worst and it never came. 

Riding upon the waves of opportunity, our dark knights in combat fatigues, arrived with a timely solution to a menace no worse then the common cold- and the entire planet turned into a frenzied vaccine factory complete with daily updates on the current level of misdiagnosis and death from medical misadventure- all attributed to the toothless pig, swine flu.

We have only just begun to glimpse what is in store as the controversy raged around the world about further loss of human rights and freedoms- this time with regards to our right to choose to be vaccinated and what was to be done to us when we refuse.

The persistent rumours of forced vaccines, diabolical legislation in favour of the pharmaceutical industry and chemical contaminants and poisons solidified into facts, as one by one each of these frightening prospects came into the light as the new reality show here on earth.

I, and I am sure many others, have long felt that this next big ‘war’ whether it is declared or not, is the War on Flu (or Viruses, Infectious Disease, Pandemics etc). It has been creeping into our mainstream over the past decade with more and more vaccines plied onto complacent populations.

Children are now enduring about 36 vaccinations before they are six years old- all this prior to the maturity and complete functioning of their still developing immune systems. 

These poisons are designed to shock and amplify their desired effects while circumventing the functioning of the body’s innate defense systems. Our children do not stand a chance at health or anything remotely similar as long as we are willing to subject them to this onslaught.

But this is not even a fraction of the problem here- when we shut out natural, normal and healthy viruses that have co-evolved on this planet together with humans for millions of years, we are playing a game without rules.

There are common viruses here that are assisting humanity with its growth in consciousness, helping to heal the damage done by poor nutrition and fear, and protecting human DNA from degradation by chemicals and toxins in our environment.

This yet to be declared ‘war on natural viruses and healthy bacteria’ will be the final undoing of us as a people, as humans and beings with higher levels of awareness. 

We cannot LIVE without them, we cannot become CONSCIOUS without them, we cannot SURVIVE and advance further on this planet in a human body without normal beneficial viruses and bacterial populations functioning within our bodies.

And this is exactly what is being eradicated and replaced in our world by these fallen angels of Illuminati and their foreign alien friends. 

This last great war, must be resisted at every level, you must refuse to take their drugs, their vaccines, their medications and most of all to avoid eating their toxic water and foods .

There is no stopping a tiny seed of hope that is protected, passed along and shared with others so that it germinates and grows into bigger dimensions of faith, certainty and security.

In your own life you can do so much to create change, start with your own home, your diet, your physical body and health- remove yourself from the sick care regimen, feed yourself properly, fast with real water regularly, and exercise. You will overcome these demons that have been plaguing humanity and feeding off of our souls.

The power is in your hands- the power of ONE

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