Monday 11 February 2013

Energy Vampires - Self Healing of the Soul

I have been thinking a lot more about Energy Vampires - actually they are quickly stepping down off of their podiums and sort of beginning the age old process of --- dying? Who would have thought, vampires are not really supposed to die...

But, for those of us watching closely - and we are, believe me - it has become quite clear there are those who are leaving their posts and the earth. Hopefully going back to where ever it is they have derived from - the dark creatures that they are!

One of the reasons I wanted to write a few more thoughts down about this important topic is because I have been reading a little bit around what others are saying out there in the energy therapy, healing and vibrational medicine world.

Much of what people are advising others to do is nice and perhaps could be looked at as good advice - if this wasn't such a serious situation. However, the rest of the 'steps to removing an energy vampire' are pure rubbish and isn't remotely related to reality here on the ground.

First of all, if you have an energy vampire around you - you will also have a deep rooted physical inflammation in your body. Secondly, when you have an energy vampire around you, this means you are already leaking energy, losing energy and have a weakened immune system.

Another important point to be made here is that you have also taken on significant amounts of energy from others (this is common, but in no way is it acceptable) which contribute to your weakened state and make you feel even more drained of energy. You will also have a compromised energy field.

Lastly, do not under any circumstances take an amulet from another person. I know that some people mean well - but do you really know what this is? An amulet is a form of a sacred object (all good so far) which can be worn or carried on the person. A lot of us have such objects on our alters or in special places around our homes.

When this sacred piece of stone, wood or jewelry comes from someone else - it contains their energy. It doesn't matter who it is - we are each one of us energetic beings and there isn't anyone on this planet who is pure, above all others and otherwise capable of possessing a frequency so high as to have no issues.

So, when you take on someone's amulet, good luck charm or what not (usually to ward off evil and energy vampires) - you are also taking on their issues. Or carrying a piece of them with you - this is not the thing to have when you are attempting to heal, fix or change your own life and circumstances.

Especially from an energy vampire or any other energy draining situation.

The best way to proceed here, if you feel you would really like to have an amulet or sacred object for protection is to create one yourself. That way there is only your own energy to deal with, it will be just as powerful (you can charge it with energy) and far safer to have around you.


Blue Moon Ceremony in August 2012

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