Friday 22 February 2013

Remove the Body Blocks....and You Will Move Too

This is one area I have a lot of experience in - mostly because I have spent the better part of my life working on energy blocks, resistance, inflammation, deep emotional patterns and what not - all of which are related to some kind of body block.

One of the reasons I wanted to bring this subject up is because I encounter so many people who have one situation, pattern, spiritual matter, health issue or emotional problem to sort out - however they treat it as separate from the rest of their lives and bodies.

If you are working on something (anything) no matter if it's physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual - each area relates back to each other. But what is more important, when there is a block (or issue) in one area, there is equally a corresponding block in these other parts of you.

You (and not one of us here on this planet) do not exist as a separate entity - you are not only connected to the whole (entire Universe or Oneness), but all of this also resides inside of you. When there is a block - this could be a physical problem such as a pain in a muscle but it will also be a region of stagnant energy, spiritual detachment and emotional patterns.

How this manifests in your life is by never getting where you want to be. Always working for someone else and dreaming of doing, being, creating something different for yourself and your family -- however, it just never seems to take root.

Or perhaps it does take root, then it doesn't grow or someone else steps in and takes it over. Does any of this sound familiar? It's like the air plane I wrote about a couple days ago, circling in a holding pattern, but never landing.

If we can't land, we can't go home.

So, what to do about any of this and get your life going forwards again - for me, it all began with changing my diet and lifestyle, but the real change - the deep energy shifts and healing I was seeking in my world - that came about with detoxing.

Don't you think it's time you got your life back? 


Barley Cove Beach, West Cork


  1. Fantastic post. I believe the interconnectedness of "all" is a crucial concept in the healing of each individual as an essential replica AND portion of the universe itself. Perhaps each atom of every thing is a replica of the universe. Heal one part and heal the whole. Thank you for what you do April. You, your posts, your actions - all a great gift. I am blessed to have woven a path with you. G

  2. Thank you kindly Gillian - I am delighted to hear from you - and such wonderful words from you - the woman of words!

    Each of these detoxes, cleanses and fasts I do - as well as the Yoga and clean diet, are all an effort to remove deep body blocks (which I know we all have) - once I get onto something, I want it gone! LOL

    See you in Twitter world,