Tuesday 26 February 2013

Stop, Breathe, Listen and Be Part of It All - Intuition

Sometimes I just feel as if I need to come right out and just say it - all of it. Of course, there is one little problem, I am still trying to sort out what ALL of it is LOL. So, I have to settle for coherent sentences for now...

Well, it has been a wild few days - but only in terms of energy shifting around me while I do this cleanse. It has moved and brought up far more this time around then ever before - making me think that I am finally getting to the bottom of the barrel.

It has been quite a trip so far - I am certainly looking forward to continuing to get myself back to 'myself'. One thing that has risen to the surface so to speak is my intuition. It appears to be deepening, changing in some way.

I find this quite interesting because I have long relied on my intuition to 'tell' me things, guide me or to let me know in which direction to go. So, this is as per usual - however, what has shifted is the type and amount of information that is coming up.

The reason I wanted to mention this is perhaps because I have had many occasions over my life time to speak with new mothers, therapists, healers, those walking a spiritual path, sick people and others who are feeling confused about where to go or how to proceed in their lives. 

One of the underlying fundamental missing elements here is their intuition.

Of course, their intuition is 'there' in their bodies - however they are either not listening to it or being told to ignore it, push it down and even in many instances feeling (or being told) that what their body is saying, is wrong.

What is worse is that this precious sixth sense is often scoffed at....

Recently I spoke with a first time new mother, she had serious misgivings about some advice being given to her by a doctor and mentioned to him that her intuition was telling her to take a different approach with her baby.

Once he had completely dismissed her opinion, her intuition and her doubts - she knew she was not being taken seriously as a human being as well as a new mother who knows her baby best. Thankfully she decided to listen to her gut feeling and everyone was well served because of it.

This is only one 'function' of our inner knowing, body's voice or this sense that comes over us when we need to be guided in some way by our bodies. It is an important, vital and useful tool to have, and I have no doubt it has saved not only my life, but countless others.

If you are not listening, not yet paying attention or don't know where to start to find that inner voice - change your diet, start exercising and practice listening to your body. The voice is there - it's just buried under the crowd of toxins, electronic waves and nonsense interference we walk through each day.

Why is this so important? This voice is part of your inner communication systems - this world is toxic, and so mixed up sometimes, however, it still has so much goodness, wonder and great things to offer us. Your intuition is like a doorway into these worlds....

Stop, breathe, listen and be part of it all


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