Saturday 16 February 2013

Patterns of Worry - Superconsciousness and the Overmind

I've been working on this post for a week now and keep coming back to it - leaving it awhile and just trying to dig more deeply into these (my own) patterns when it comes to worry. Of course, I have come up with a few energetic links to it....

Worry for us appears is the ultimate distraction - I have observed myself and many others who can worry a path in the floor. Or, my personal favourite, stand in front of the fire and stare off into space while our minds work away.

It's like digging a hole, isn't it?

And then there are days (weeks of our lives?) where we find ourselves spending time doing absolutely nothing - because we are too busy worrying! Yet, I won't say worrying about nothing - because these are serious issues some of us are tackling. 

There are however, a few questions that it might raise, especially for those of us walking a spiritual path or even just trying to live our lives in a more conscious way. Some of these are around the energy it ties up while we also should be examining what worry does to us physically. 

Another big question here is who would have us worry? I ask this because I have seen this so much in my own life...someone (usually a family member) would ring up, carry on about some crisis or other and then having placed the 'worry' on to me, feel much better.

I then spent the day worrying for this person....

Worry also paralyses the mind (have you noticed this?) -- it actually stops you from doing something, moving forward, thinking clearly and most importantly - from speaking up. That's a big one for me. So many times I could say something and I don't because - well, I wouldn't want to...

What?? I'm not sure. But I do know it has to do with worry, which has to do with fears (of any kind) and then this is connected to what others might think, say or do. There is also a link to the media here - perhaps the biggest one yet.

What does it accomplish? Well, think about it, if we are all going around worried an asteroid is going to fall on our heads, our world is not safe, there are no jobs, the economy is shrinking, there is no money, we are all going to get some flu (that comes around every year and has done for millennia) - we are too busy to pay attention to living our lives.

But, the most important thing to note here - is that all of this worry we are being encouraged to do - this is making us sick. It is causing inflammation in our guts, our cholesterol to go up, our blood pressure to raise, it weakens our immune systems and generally drains us of energy. 

So, what to do about it now. How to overcome this time wasting habit of worry. Perhaps for each of us it will be a process - I know it is for me. The biggest step has been in observing and recognising what is going on in my mind and the fear associated with the worry. 

I have also mentioned on my blogs the 'overmind' - a sort of superconsciousness that has us all glued to the media for the latest updates of really scary up to the minute 'news'. Therein lies the key - break away from these ties that imprison us to this mass misinformation stream and you will open up like a lotus flower.

The change starts right here.


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