Thursday 21 March 2013

Activation of the DNA? Pineal Gland Adjustments? Initiation into what was that…?– Be Careful Out There

Something has taken over – diverted our attention away from what is important and real in life. Just observing all that has gone on these last weeks with the pomp and ceremony of a group of people who do not contribute all that much (read AT ALL) to our spiritual consciousness….

People appear to have such short memories – so many have died, been hurt, abused, destroyed on every level for centuries – yet this was all swept away, omitted and otherwise not brought up - for the sake of …. What?

A few carefully chosen words, clever marketing (very clever) and something else – taking place behind the scenes – initiation into the upper levels of power, along with the others in the ‘know’.

Quite something to see, eh? An elevation, shift, a change and a handing over of power is taking place in the world.

So, when you are invited to come and participate in some of these courses, talks, workshops and ceremonies that use words such as those above to describe the expected activities --- it has you intrigued right?

And of course, once your attention is absorbed, well, then these words can then take on an almost mystical quality. Surely the words alone will somehow magic you into a new sphere of consciousness and then your life will change into all that you have ever dreamed of….

I digress here. I don’t know if your life will change or not. Perhaps, it was on the edge of something new anyway (aren’t we all on the edge these days?) and an activation, initiation, or adjustment may or may not have had any affect.

However, after years and years (I won’t tell you how many) of being in this field, in one way or another, there is one thing I have learned worth repeating to whomever will listen;

If someone is offering to adjust you or your body’s internal workings, to activate you or initiate you into anything to do with your own personal higher levels of consciousness – walk away (or run).

What is more….if anyone is offering, mentioning, itching to get their hands on your DNA (and I know they are, because this has been such a buzz phrase for a while) – do not under any circumstances allow the cells in your body to be hacked into.

By Anyone. Ever.

If you want to be adjusted, altered, shifted, changed, initiated, healed and otherwise moved onto higher ground – well, this is a condition of higher consciousness and takes place from the inside of our bodies, working it’s way out.

These are pure spiritual experiences, which are brought about through our own seeking, exercise, diet changes, detox, cleansing, clean water, life force enhancing herbs, nature Herself and spiritual pursuits.

Your body is more than capable of accomplishing each of these energetic shifts all on it’s own – without any outside interference from anyone. In actual fact, to have anyone else involved in your spiritual experience, would be like taking on an energetic imprint from them.

Or, wearing another energy field, that doesn’t belong to you, it won’t fit and it will pull you down.



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