Sunday 3 March 2013

What Is Living, Anyway?

If we didn’t have these energy drains – who would we be?

I don’t  know about you but I am fully aware that I should have , and some days do have more energy. On those days when I don’t feel up to my usual self I have often focused on exactly what is going on with my body to get to the bottom of  how my energy is being distributed.

As a Medical Intuitive, I simply want to know exactly where, why and how systems, organs and structures work inside of my body – and also how they respond to inside and outside energy. 

These days there are an awful lot of things geared to drain us. I don’t say this lightly either – we have entire industries set up just to get our attention, keep it and then make you think it was your idea to interact with it in the first place (there’s that overmind at work again).

Don’t think so? How else would you look at television, most radio, video games (or whatever they are called these days) and then there is the food situation. Anyone of these activities are distractions – from, well actually living; because they take our time, energy, attention, focus and ultimately our health.

Yet – what is living anymore anyway? I know many people would look at me, see me cooking for my family (everything from scratch) and shake their heads. Because, well, you can buy that at the shops, perhaps cheaper, more conveniently and it’s quicker.

I had a comment made to me just yesterday – that’s a great lifestyle, but who has time for it? I do. Living as I do is not a waste of my time – it is an investment of my time and energy – into my family’s health, enjoyment and future.

If you don’t have time to take exquisite care of your body now – you will lose energy. In fact, you set yourself up to be an open system with holes in the energy field that actually attract those who will drain you.

But, getting back to our topic here – if I was in complete control of all my energy sources, resources and how it is distributed around my body and life – I think I would be a completely different person.

Because that would mean – power. Enough energy to be the driving force (great word) in my own life, dreams, family, health and whatever else I set my mind to do. 

Some would say I am that already – but how much more can I be? It really is quite something to think about and most certainly a worthwhile goal to have,  especially these days with energy thin on the ground.

I am coming to the conclusion that each and every one of these energy vampires are the main threat to our current health, mental balance, emotional stability and even our very souls. 

They will stop at nothing to achieve their aims – we too must be equally (if not more) vigilant, resourceful, and on our guard to remove them systematically from our body, mind and spirits. 

Think of it this way – why stop where you are, why not decide to be more, far more – or even all you can be? Onwards…..


Closing the Energy Leaks 

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