Wednesday 6 March 2013

DNA of the Healer - What Should Set You Apart

Body, Mind and Soul - This is a term we all know and it gets flashed around a lot – has been for sometime in certain circles. The holistic industry uses it quite often, mostly to get across the message that their approach is different.

In fact, it’s so different from conventional medicine that this aspect needs to be pointed out. We are not one-dimensional beings – therefore our health and healing also should follow suit and deal with the whole person.

Once upon a time – this was the only way to treat illness and wellness. Our energy systems, physical symptoms, emotional health as well as social and spiritual relationships – were all taken into account.

But, one thing has troubled me about how this most basic outlook for treatment of the person has gradually been eroded away – and in not a such a large space of time.

These days, you can be treated by an alternative practitioner who doesn’t even look in your eyes, let alone ask how some other aspects of your life are going. And they themselves are anything but healthy (not that this is a strict requirement, however….)

So what has happened? Have we borrowed from the established system in an effort to be more efficient, to simplify our work, are we too busy, distracted in our focus or is there something else taking place here?

Surely this cannot be for the better – alternative forms of healing have always been the norm and are indeed hardly alternative at all (except for some of the weird ones that have cropped up, but we won’t mention them). For centuries (longer?) they have been the backbone of the health of not only living creatures, but in having a synergistic relationship with the planet as well.

This brings us back to body, mind and soul medicine – what has been lost or shifted here is balance – and not in any place you might think. Even though we are being influenced on a daily basis by everything taking place around us and we are not living in a bubble (nor expected to), there are basic precepts to be adhered to.

The health, well-being and holistic attitude must be an all encompassing aspect of the healers’ (practitioners) life. Our focus needs to be on our own spiritual, emotional, physical, energetic (did I leave anything out?) bodies – where we are to be continuously striving for optimum health.

In some circles this would be referred to as having a higher vibrational frequency – an unknown mystical quality that sets those who are walking this path apart from those who are destined for other things.

The DNA of the healer.

And you cannot achieve a higher vibration sitting on the couch, waiting for the phone to ring – this is earned, gained, developed and nurtured through taking exquisite care of your body, mind and soul.


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