Friday 29 March 2013

Spiritual Path - The Magic is Alive

In some ways I feel as ancient as the rocks and in others like an infant just taking my first steps. That is how it feels each and every day that my feet touch the ground (running, I might as well add) since I made the conscious decision years ago to really walk this path.

Even though I am an Intuitive (thank you god/goddess for that blessing) and I am aware of and in tune with quite a lot of what is taking place around me, in me and resulting from my decisions….

It is not ever easy to hand over your life completely to your own inner guidance system and then trust that voice. You have to trust that the voice you feel, hear and sense are indeed your own. And if they are your own, then to get to know them and what would be asked or expected of you.

There is little else that a person can really be asked to do about their spiritual pursuits otherwise – you cannot push the path that shifts before and under your feet. You can only wait while it is revealed in front of you, however, the path is not always illuminated, often it is dark.

What you will ultimately find is yourself, this is not a quest to search for the pieces of your soul, or the broken bits of your life….the path IS your soul, it becomes your life and what is broken will surely heal as you move further along the road in front of you.

Or as we like to joke at home….we go ‘further up and further in’.

But for the rest of this stuff and anything that may be asked of you --- it is not complicated, complications are from an ‘overmind’ and are an indication of interference energy (something that should not be there, like a resistance in your way).

Walking, talking and living the spiritual path should be and is simple. You are learning how to simplify, fix, heal and change your life from the inside out. That is why food, water and keeping a clean body are vital. In this way – it’s a sort of magical (alchemical) Universal process.

Only you do the work, be true to yourself and just like magic – one day, that work pays off. 


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