Monday 11 March 2013

When the Universe Doesn't Answer

I wanted to talk about this concept – mainly because over the years I have heard so many say (and even said it myself) – something along the lines of – putting things out to the Universe and waiting for a response.

Or asking, expecting something – and worse – needing something – hoping, it will turn up and then it doesn’t. So, what we often do then is nothing. Instead we replace these feelings of doubt with more thoughts – it wasn’t meant to be or some other poor excuse for needs, wants and desires not being met.

Of course there is the argument that not everything we want will arrive on our doorstep and rightly so. But, basic needs should at least be met – yet I know I have lived for many years while walking this path, when they have not.

As Light Workers, healers, therapists and spiritual seekers we are sort of encouraged to place our trust in something higher. This Universal ‘all knowing’ presence – many of us have faith in and give up our dreams to it’s magnificence.

And of course we do.

Without always knowing what that something is, where it is or even if it is. Yet, we persist and at times (perhaps time after time) we are left feeling let down, disappointed, discouraged and often in precarious positions physically, financially and ultimately, spiritually.

I bring this up because I think this is important – it is to me and used to define my early experiences walking this path. Often I would want something, require some assistance or other – only to ‘place it out there’ and boom – absolutely nothing would happen.

I was reminded of this pattern, (expectation?) over these past few weeks as I have been doing my parasite cleanse. I can see how these two scenarios are quite related to each other and perhaps – are even part of the same energetic cycle.

A lot of us – maybe the vast majority, have unfulfilled expectations, needs remaining unmet and frustration as a result as we walk these paths towards something better.

Parasites appear to play a key role here in this scenario – they intercept, circumvent - our wishes and needs – filling themselves up first from our resources.

But there is one thing they do that is beyond reprehension – they have placed themselves in the seat of power – given themselves unprecedented control (within and without) and are the ones who ‘answer’ (in the vast majority of cases) our call for help.

Have you even noticed how the money is just not quite enough? We are always falling a little (or a lot) short of our needs? Our resources just don’t stretch quite as far as we need them to and we are constantly forced to compromise our dreams, hopes, wishes – needs…

Something is not right and it hasn’t been for a very long time. Energy vampires have been running the show – and I mean each and every show on earth while people suffer the dire consequences of not having their needs meant.

Walking a spiritual path is not supposed to be easy – you are meant to learn, persist and overcome the obstacles placed in your way. However, your basic needs should be met by an abundant fully aligned Universe that is full of good….

When they are not? Well, it’s time to change the world, isn’t it? 


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