Wednesday 24 October 2012

Ghosts In the Machine....

October seems to be the appropriate time of year to be discussing some other aspects of our energetic make-up here on this planet – being the month of darkness, change and ending with Samhain - it’s a good time to talk about energy vampires. 

Now, there are several types of people who are drainers, users and the run of the mill waste of space. Not all of these people are former humans, but enough of them are – just look at the current preoccupation with all things dead, paranormal, ghost, vampire and alien. 

I call these people the walking dead – people who have passed their ‘sell by’ date and really shouldn’t be here.  Don’t think this is possible? We all know of someone who is like a black hole – unhappy, can’t be filled up, loveless and empty looking in their eyes. 

If a person is not supposed to be here at this time – their contract has expired so to speak and their personal destiny has been cancelled. Therefore they will ‘borrow’ someone else’s to fill in the blanks in their own lives. 

Perhaps they have ‘survived’ some health crisis or near death experience and have managed to hang onto life via those around them. They are everywhere – the planet is virtually crawling with the living dead, empty hollow shells of human flesh – the worst ones are those who are good at it. 

By this I mean, you can hardly tell this person has no soul, unless this is something you have seen before and are familiar with. You would be able to see it in their eyes mainly but many times in their actions as well. They would be clever at hiding their true identity by way of a mask – and this is where you come in. 

You would have some connection with this person in another time or past life – most often in some negative manner. I have seen several times where there was a revenge motive or some personal vendetta on behalf of the ghost entity. This person was hanging around to get all they could from the chosen prey.

They will take over certain aspects of your life (creative force) and live as if this was their own. Making no distinction between you and them – ownership or taking over your life. Of course this causes untold frustration with yourself like you wouldn’t believe. 

You just can’t seem to move forward, plans don’t work out and dreams never seem to come true. It’s as if you are living someone else’s life and you can’t shake it off no matter what you do.

Physical symptoms of having a ghost hanging around you (energy attachment) are feeling cold, this coldness comes up from the bones especially in the hands. Light headed at times, increased appetite, even feeling hungry after eating a big meal, pain in the body usually at the back, kidney, bladder and lymph issues are common. As are hormonal dysfunction, imbalance and often thyroid issues. 

Your personality will also be affected by these ghosts – you never fully develop your own unique attributes because they have been over shadowed by this other entity. In terms of energy, it doesn’t matter when this attachment occurred, once there, the energy field is affected for all time. 

How do I know all of this? Well, I am an Intuitive and work closely with energy and also from my own personal experiences. I always knew she had some sort of power or control over me and could never figure it out until….

During a time in my life when my son was still only a baby I started to get these very strong feelings – almost as if a voice was speaking above my own. Like being shouted down in some way. This voice was telling me to leave my husband, that things were bad between us and my marriage was in trouble.

The only problem was – I was living with the love of my life, we were then and always have been very close. You could say even soul-mates. At that point in time we had already been married for over 12 years and were as happy as we knew how to be.

I had no intention of leaving my marriage and wanted to get to the bottom of these feelings – I don’t know if I can even describe it properly – they were so strong I would sit and cry. I did not know what was happening and I was so confused. 

Time passed, my husband and I talked about it, and I worked my way through this energy overlaying mine. Then about 2 months after this all started, I found out this person who I knew was using my energy was leaving her partner in a very messy break-up. 

My intuition had been right, I had been taking it all on board and had been all of my life. Looking back I could see how I had been influenced, undermined, bullied and used by this person. But worst of all – it completely covered up who I was, what I was here to do and my true self. 

 Once I could see all of this clearly,  I was now on a quest to remove myself from under her spell. It has taken me years to dissolve this energy pattern, so deep it was intertwined with my own. Lifetimes of crossover and outside interference has given me lots of work to do on myself.   

The only thing to dissolve this fully? Detox, cleanses, fasting and a total clean up of my diet, health and lifestyle. Of course the inner child therapy didn’t hurt either…. 

I would love your comments on this – or if too personal, email me. There is so much you can do to get your life back. 

Universal Energy Laws 


  1. I loved this post, April.
    It challenged me to really look inward, seek the truth about who I am to MYSELf.
    Thanks for posting this article.
    Keep your pen bleeding!

  2. Thank you kindly for your comment - and for stopping by! Yes, these are truths that force us to
    think more deeply about our own existence - the stories we tell ourself