Sunday 21 October 2012

Improve Your Intuition

Intuition as far as I am concerned is a muscle, it brings together many parts of your body such as the pineal gland, the heart, the gut and the brain, and then you ‘process’ a piece of information or a perception of something through these organs. Therefore, your body systems do need to be working at least at some level.

Intuition can be understood as an direct knowing or inner sense of self, in this way, you can engage your body in working through an issue or a problem. 

Intuition for the most part is not a valued skill in our modern world, and is much maligned by certain sections of society. Yet we rely on its presence far more than we realize as it is an intrinsic aspect of life on this planet.

In general, nearly all of the toxins in our food and especially the water, are designed to push down our intuition (your inner sense of knowing). 

There seems to be none worse for the pineal gland or thrid eye than flouride. This is one of the most important reasons to find a source of clean water as well as to not use fluoride toothpaste or eat a lot of processed foods.

Another part of the puzzle here that is forgotten about is the energy field, this plays a key role in your intuition- a stong energy field will enable you to discern or recognize good/evil, right/wrong, truth/lies, and so on. 

Your energy field is like a filter, a covering and a buffer zone around your body that lets information in. This is why it is vital to Close Energy Leaks© (Windows) and reduce the amount of leaking energy. And heal the energy field through various means such as diet, fasting, exericse and so forth. 

The following are Key Elements in Intuition, in order to build a deeper relationship with yourself:

Energy Work
Energy Field
Reduce Toxins
Reduce Stress
Listen, Observe, Follow

The intuition or body’s voice is not loud, aggressive or pushy. It is gentle, subtle, and soft like a whisper washing over you. It feels like it has come up from somewhere very deep and has been pushed out into the spaces around you for you to hear. Like a voice calling from very far away, it has an ‘echo’- this voice will persist, until you listen. 

Making changes in your life to enhance health and healing will also develop and improve your intuition.


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