Tuesday 30 October 2012

Awakening Higher Consciousness Part I

There is a lot of stuff out there on consciousness, awakening and ascension – the latest buzz words of the new age movement. I wanted to wade into the melee here because of some of the ‘information’ I have been reading that just doesn’t make any sense at all.

First of all, let me state that there are many who may feel they are on a spiritual path, who have all the right words, feelings and appearances. However, if you have started on your journey towards higher consciousness and you are still living in the same house, eating the same foods and spending time with the same people in dead end relationships – you have yet to leave the gate. 

Seriously. Walking the path is just that – it is all about action. 

Doing work on yourself, making deep realizations about your own story, the people you have surrounded yourself with, healing old hurts, wounds and cleaning up your insides – is what it takes to get on the path. 

With each realization, you then make changes based on these insights as they bubble up from deep within. Or for every action there is a reaction – all of it created by you. 

Ultimately you will come to find yourself by journeying deeply within, as your road will take you backwards and forwards through time and space retrieving the pieces of yourself you have left behind. Along with them you will uncover, your hopes, wishes and dreams from this lifetime and others.

This is the process of integration of the self – an energetic alignment meant to dissolve boundaries, barriers and remove obstacles to your own spiritual potential. This will not take place in an unclean, unkempt and untidy ‘house’ – toxins and outside energy will slow down and interfere with this process. 

But, what is far more than this – you cannot bring back together what is not yours. Only energy that belongs, fits and is part of your energetic being can be involved in your own integration. Otherwise – you create a non-functioning energy field and a lot of other problems.

So, why am I going into all of this right now? It’s simple really – there are quite a few people out there who are playing a dangerous game. Offering ‘accelerated’ ascension packages as if it were an option at Club Med. Or working in people’s energy fields as part of ‘integration’ therapies. As if your body did not already know exactly what to do with these spiritual functions of mitochondrial DNA. 

Right off the top – there are a couple of things you need to know – other than feeding yourself the appropriate foods and exercise, this is a cellular unfolding that will take place without ‘assistance’ from anyone. And indeed should do so.

I would not have anyone (other than myself) doing work on my energy field – that’s why I came up with Closing the Energy Leaks© or windows back in the 90’s. It was designed to help me work within my own energy field as I walked these paths. 

Each of these truths I have found out along the way, are all about removing sources of toxins, outside energy and other barriers to higher consciousness. These are cellular processes which will shift, change, heal and propel you forward and can only be opened up and activated using clean water and real food. 

Do yourself a favour – guard your heart, mind, body and soul if you are intending to walk this spiritual path by being mindful of your body. Your map lies deep within…


Full Moon Ceremony of the Pumpkins... last night

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