Monday 1 October 2012

Following Your Own Path and Dreams

One of the most difficult aspects of walking a spiritual path and following your own calling - is that so many people  are not coming with you. Not everyone is called and there are many who are simply not interested in a spiritual endeavour. 

For those of us who have been on this path for quite some time, we find ourselves interacting with others, or a part of some relationships which are not spiritual in nature. On the surface this is fine, over the short term an association such as this works. However...

There are drawbacks to remaining in long term associations with others who are not on the same wave length or living their lives with any form of spiritual intention. The words I have often used to describe this affiliation are - it is far easier to be pulled down to to a lower level, then for you to pull anyone up to yours.

Besides, when someone is not interested or simply not here at this moment in time ready to take on a spiritual existence or embrace a higher consciousness fully - there is nothing you can do or should do to convince them otherwise.

To each his/her own.

Of course, this leads us back to looking more closely at ourselves, our immediate family and being focused on the road that lies before us. When we do this with all of our hearts, minds, body and soul - it will require all our resources and full attention. 

Paying attention to our own needs, wants, hopes and desires is what helps us to carefully move forward and inwards toward our greatest dreams and the life we are creating. Pulling ourselves away from any draining relationships will ensure our energy is well placed and not diverted to needless ventures.

Why is this so important? Well, one way to look at it is how tiring it can be when you are not focused on the goal. With any adventure we embark on, it is important to enjoy the sights along the way, meet others and interact as we learn about life but in the meantime to keep our sights on the final destination.

Another aspect of keeping to your own counsel is to not become confused, turned around or suffer from a lack of clarity. How many hours, day or weeks have we wasted agonizing over which way to go, how to move forward or just whether or not to get up out of bed - because of feeling dazed and confused about everything we are doing...

When energies from others are mixed or intertwined with yours (everyone has their own agenda and their own interests) this will cause some level of confusion because you are no longer following the purity of your own dreams. 

This is seen primarily when you work for others - those of us walking the spiritual path will eventually be pulled away from other pursuits in favour of our own. Which serves to keep the dreams of our own hearts alive and the main pursuit in our lives.

There is much that should and will change for you are you move along the road ahead of you towards the home you are seeking and creating. Embrace each shift, change and newness with an open heart, a clear mind and a healthy body. 

To do this you must be sure who you are and what you are doing at each stage of the journey - be prepared to walk this alone as a family. There is much to be said about traveling in such a way - the experience is your own, you create it and when others interact with you - it comes about through divine intervention. Not interference.

Have a productive day,


Rainbow seen over the trees as we picked Hawthorne berries

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