Thursday 18 October 2012

Magic - Walking Towards the Light

As an Intuitive I am always looking for the connection between our physical reality (food, flesh and blood) and these other worlds (energetic, emotional and spiritual realms). They are not mutually exclusive from each other – nor should they be – many of us walk in other worlds as writers and dreamers.

Once a link has been established, between these dimensions – information exchange, healing and real living can begin. We are multi-dimensional beings for a reason, with access to sources of energy potential, such as magic.

Whenever we think of magic, a lot of the mental pictures that immediately spring to mind are of darkness, witches, ghouls and goblins. None of these creatures are very nice and they have given this art a bad name.

And, everything about this time of year with it’s enveloping darkness and Halloween has only served to deepen the mystery. Alluding to more of what we do not know – about those energies lurking about in the shadows.

There is a heavy, shady dark aspect to all of life (it’s called balance) and magic is no exception, however, there is also a pure, gentle and loving side. This has sadly been missing from our lives because it has had to be hidden for protection.

When the religions of the world went into their blood lust killing spree to rid the world of ‘witches’ – they were mainly looking for people exercising their own free will. In other words, they sought out followers of the old ways – those who continued to use herbs for childbirth and healing, who understood the cycles and rhythms of the earth.

Anyone who was a non-conformer, a seeker of the truth, a free thinker – females were an easy target, often without formal education, and basic human rights of the times. Naturally, if they were concocting a herbal remedy in their kitchen for a headache, they were up to some evil spell!

Actually magic is more aligned with free will then any other energy form in the Universe. Will power should be an unlimited resource for us as human beings,  however it has been interfered with, redirected and overshadowed by sinister forces – such as medication and sugar.

That’s right – sugar, processed foods, alcohol, chemicals, medications, plastics and all manner of toxic by-products now found in our food and water.

The fundamental and most vital part of magic is our food – a ritual meal prepared with fresh non toxic ingredients, herbs, natures’ bounty (under a new or full moon or some other season) – this is the essence of creating something new.

And basic magic at it’s absolute best would be interfered with were we to use low vibration or other types of contaminated food. This would be the equivalent  of inviting sorcery and it’s dark forces into our cells. Yet, for the most part – this information has been altered and lost to us and we simply are unaware of these things.

The main difference between these two traditions of magic and sorcery, would be vast by degree – magic pulls in nature, love, healing and uplifting energies of the earth through food, water, cooking and symbolic ritual. There are darker sides to this as well but that is for another post!

While sorcery might involve numbers, symbols, ritual and other worldly spirits in a far more intense manner to create or force change. However, dark forces align themselves with the like natures found in chemicals, plastics, toxins and all manner of man-made substances. These are prevalent in the food chain in nearly every commodity.

Indeed, what we finding out there in the food aisles – is nearly every concoction you can imagine containing sugar, excess salt, all manner of chemicals and preservatives, meats saturated with medication (from abused animals), everything wrapped in plastic and God knows what else.

All energy, all change, and indeed all magic begins its’ life on the inside – as part of our conscious intentions.  We are what we think and feel and do – far more then is known about , felt or seen.

If you want to create magic in your life and be more a part of these Universal mysteries – you have to clean up your diet, heal your body and walk the talk of a spiritual being.

It is that simple.


Turkey sneaking into the duck pen....

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