Friday 12 October 2012

To Medicate or Not- It’s Not a Question, It’s a Lifestyle

This might be a bit of a delicate subject for some – however good I am at being gentle and tip toeing my way around things when needs be… this is not one of the topics where I could do that. Not in good conscience anyway. So, I will just jump in and tell it as I see it. 

I meet people all the time who want to believe they can keep their feet firmly in both camps when it comes to medication and the use of drugs. This is actually one of the first lessons I was taught by my body – you will have to make a choice and then stick firmly with that decision. 

The reason I am mentioning this is one that I have seen over the years – parents who do not vaccinate their children (which I agree with) and go without using medication themselves for certain conditions. However these same people then proceed to do absolutely nothing to support their body or a child’s developing immune function.

At the very least, an unvaccinated child or  drug free adult will be healthier, but the same foods that pull everyone else down will still have a detrimental effect on them. The most obvious one would be sugar and sweets, however any rubbish or processed foods will do the same. 

Other things such as time spent exercising, out of doors and staying away from antibiotics are all equally important for us all. When you are choosing to go without the drugs – you must incorporate a healthy lifestyle to support that decision. 

I mention antibiotics because they are the most commonly prescribed drug for nearly anyone or perhaps this has been eclipsed by anti-depressants by now – either way, these are potent toxins. 

A little bit of poison is still toxic – when walking the spiritual path you cannot have things both ways. You are either embarking on the journey of your life, inwards to find your soul or you are playing around on the outside packed and ready to go, but not ever starting on the path. 

What do I mean by this? It’s quite simple really – either you do this all the way and fully learn to fix, heal and change your life. Or you will be in an uncertain place where your health is concerned. 

When you try to dabble and keep a foot firmly in both camps you will set yourself up for failure, ill health and worse. A healthy lifestyle wins every time!


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