Wednesday 2 January 2013

Resolution? We need a Revolution!

I don't know about you, but as a spiritual person (you know, I think about spiritual things...) life has been anything but easy. In fact it is often downright difficult, in some ways, but wonderful in many others. 

With this in mind I have been giving a lot of thought to the New Year which is now upon us and the challenges we face as people wanting something better in our lives. That something better for me has always been the means to live my life as I want to.

To live a life with a higher consciousness having greater awareness of who I am and what I am really doing here. The freedom to explore my origins and to find myself through my food, water, nature and a toxin free lifestyle (as much as possible).

Of course a large part of those wishes and hopes is to have excellent food and clean untreated water available - and to not have to struggle because I believe these things to be a necessity. Yet, many people are still of the mind that in order to upgrade their diets to something far better, it will cost the moon.

Over the years there has been only one main thing I have had to insist upon - organic real food and water from the ground. I am here today because of this knowledge deep within my cells guiding me forward and keeping me healthy.

For me, it took a life altering event to finally open my eyes to these facts of cellular requirements and physical needs. When I was sick and knew I would not get better without making each of these changes I was faced with a choice....

Start to live this way - and don't look back, or make some changes for a little while and then fall back in to the old familiar patterns eating the rubbish foods, drinking poisoned water. However, once I knew full well how low the state of illness could take me (I had cancer) - thankfully that was all I needed to change my ways.

Although there was not a single event (I was backing away from several negative situations) - back then, quite a few years ago now, that was the beginning of my Revolution. But, whenever I need to understand something fully I look it up LOL

For the word Revolution I found a few interesting definitions:

-overthrow of the established system
-a turning or motion around a fixed point
-a sudden or momentous change in a situation 

So, if we take each of these and apply them to our lives, perhaps things can look some what different from our current perspective. We can overthrow the current situation that holds us back, plan a full year of immediate significant change and do this consistently. 

Listen to our bodies, follow the stars, go with the flow and become part of the earth and her cycles as we move forward around the seasons of the sun...

Yes, it's time for a Revolution!


Rebel Yoga.... getting our ankles bitten by the puppy!

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