Tuesday 2 April 2013

Have We Become Spiritual Slaves?

 Whenever someone else’s energy enters into my world it wrecks havoc with my own energy reserves and I end up feeling like them (I feel their emotions and physical symptoms). Right now I am sitting here with a massive headache and I just realized something….

This severely depleted feeling coming from a spiritual aspect or nature is not mine. I had been ‘owning’ it for weeks now (perhaps years?) only to finally realize, yes I have been through the mill when it comes to life, however, I am more then able for walking this path.

And so is my spirit. I am not broken, just a little road weary, what I have been feeling or sensing was so easily separated when I worked on my energy field….

This has shown me clearly that I have been wearing, like a cloak for all of these years is someone else’s spirituality – which is burnt out, washed up and more then a little dead. It has been so cleverly insidious, that I have never been aware of it all the time, just at certain times when it’s defences would wear thin (and mine would get stronger).

This has become quite clear during my last cleansing fast....but it was so intermingled into my own energy field I was left confused and wondering what was mine and what was not. This thing did not seem at all entirely of the earth. 

As for our human spirit, this part of our being is no different and certainly not separate from the rest of us. It is intimately connected to our root chakra – life force, sexuality, spirituality and creativity are all aligned with each other. It creates and completes a zone of great power.

However, when one part of our being is commandeered, hurting or down in some way – the entire area (each of these aspects of us) will suffer. For example, your life force will equally be pulled down when your spiritual self is waning or losing strength as will your creative self and sexuality.

Our spiritual selves can be harmed, damaged, stolen, broken into, separated, pushed down, diseased and dysfunctional – in the exact same way as any other part of our body, mind and soul. In fact they can be controlled and that seems to be the tip of a very large iceberg.

One of the most important points I wanted to make here, is how, when you call in an entity, another being other then yourself to do the work of spirit such as a guide, angel, orb, spirit etc. (this is your work, you are more than capable of this) – it will cost you something.

It’s the same situation as you going to work for them….but instead of being paid, you have to pay. This spiritual ‘assistance’ comes at a price – it should not be like this, but alas, this is the dark dealings of the fallen angels and their friends.

This spiritual part of us is the essence of our lives, a part of us that contains or holds our will and allows us to keep going forward in spite of the surrounding fear. Oh, it’s not our fear, but those whom we allow to remain within our energy fields in positions of power, authority, the rulers of the land, offering 'spiritual' guidance.

They worry about the day that is coming….

When we wake up fully, rise like the sun, shake off these chains and stand in the knowledge that we are spiritual beings who never needed them in the first place. We don’t need them now and we didn’t need them then….they can go back to the dark holes they crawled out of…

This is higher consciousness, it brings light to all things hidden…and we were born with it - our tools, all we ever needed, lies inside.


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