Monday 15 April 2013

Holding On – Or Being Held On To? Energy Work & Healing Goes Two Ways…

Lately I have read and come across a lot of articles and things being said about releasing energy. And that is great – in one way at least. We all have lots of things we pick up along the way, stuff that should and could be let go of.

I remember years ago wondering just how I was going to manage to release all that I was carrying for others. I knew what it was, could sense it around me and saw in my own life how energy that was not my own was creating blocks in my energy field (and holding me back).

Then I came up with Closing the Energy Leaks© and life proceeded from there. It was and is fantastic to have this technique to work with to support my energy field through releasing as I walk my spiritual journey.

Letting go of things or releasing as we all know it – is healthy, healing and should allow us to move forward in new and meaningful ways. One of the most important aspects of this work is we can align more easily with our own destiny once we are free of cumbersome energy.

But I have noticed one tiny detail here that no one appears to be talking about….(I know, leave it to me to bring it up). We can release energy that is not our own until the cows come home….

However, what happens when our energy is not being released in the same manner. What I mean is this – all energy is a two way street (something comes in, something goes out). When you release something – it creates a vacuum, something will come in to replace it.

Ideally that something should be your own energy coming back (or rising up) to take it’s rightful place. When this piece of energy you are seeking is still being held onto by others, (for a host of reasons) then what do we do?

For me, virtually nothing worked at getting my energy returned to me until I started fasting and doing deep detoxes. Then with my cellular vibration rising (the more toxins were removed) my own energy field gained in it’s power of attraction.

The bottom line here is – you can release and release and end up letting go of yourself. There comes a time when you need to get moving towards your unique destiny – it is time to get your energy back.


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