Wednesday 3 April 2013

Spiritual Bullies - Wreaking Havoc with Our Spiritual DNA

It feels as if I am on a new theme here in some ways. It is obvious to me how since I finished my last cleanse – I have been working my way through more spiritual aspects of myself and trying to sort out what is mine and what is not.

One thing I do know for certain is that some of our genes are on spiritual DNA and these must be activated in order for us to reach higher states of human consciousness. I was dreaming of these things last night and it has been on my mind constantly.

So, I woke up thinking about spirituality (again!) and mulling over in my mind all the spiritual bullies I have come across over the years, how they have interfered with my own spiritual goals and who they have been in my life…and it’s not what you might think either.

I am not talking about those people who would insist on you believing in their own personal beliefs or even those who dominate the conversation with their own spiritual exploits….

No, they are still on a path and for the most part you will find very sincere people who are learning and living as best they can. The people I would refer to as bullies are far more dangerous, they are manipulative and are not in the least spiritual.

So why are they spiritual bullies you might ask?

Because they steal, rob, borrow and otherwise pilfer ‘your’ spiritual self in order to wear it as their own. If our spirituality was something like a special cloak covering our energy fields (think of shimmering, glowing, gossamer wings) – this has been taken away (bits, pieces or in it’s entirety) and is now being worn by someone else.

A person who bullies us for any reason, does so to gain something. The point of bullying is to take a piece of a person that you feel you do not have inside of yourself (such as our unique spiritual DNA). Because all things are energy, an exchange then takes place, the person being bullied carries the dark energy while the bully walks away with the light.

There are bullies in every area, all walks of life and any part of you can be bullied. Often when we are physically bullied, this carries over into energetic, spiritual, emotional and whatever else we are as humans.

Now – what to do about it? Well, for myself I moved away from one or two of the worst situations and people who were in my life many years ago. And yes, I am still dealing with the fallout, healing, fixing, clearing and taking back bits of myself that I had felt were lost….

Thankfully, energy being what it is, we can call it back from wherever we have left it, when we have cleared and created space– I refer to this as ‘Closing the Energy Leaks’. It works and has changed my life patterns where spiritual bullies are concerned.


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