Monday 8 April 2013

Pure Earth Energy - Healing With Water

Some of the worst things I have done to my body over the years I used to think have all involved medication of some sort – usually antibiotics. I never (thankfully) took any other kind of drugs…the medication (not that much) did enough damage all on it’s own.

And I can say without any doubt – those drugs did far more harm to my body then any amount of poor food, high stress, overwork and whateverelse I put my body, mind and spirit through for decades of my life.

However, how many of us would look back and think (or realize) that drinking treated, filtered or bottled (in plastic) water might be equally harmful to our bodies? Or at least – not contribute to the functions normally expected of water in a healthful way.
I am thinking about this and bringing this up right now because I am finding myself only now in a position to heal, reverse and otherwise change the mess made of my gut from those antibiotics and lack of clean water.

Of course at the time I thought I had no choice but to drink the dirty water or take the antibitics – otherwise how would I heal a kidney infection…I have since healed far more without the use of medication, using only water and herbs. But, the best part of living this way is – there are no toxic side effects.

My focus has been on herbs for quite sometime. Certainly it was then, but I felt pressured to clear the infection quickly. Now, I know far more about how our bodies work (the energetic component needs to release at the same time) and only then will real healing take place.

This cannot be done with medication of any kind – herbs, clean water, real food – are the only substances capable of interacting with health and healing on an energetic level. However, water is the main substance to focus on during any healing process because of its ability to hold energy or memory.

Water from the earth (without being changed or filtered) is pure earth energy – taking on those qualities, memories and subtle vibrations as it moves along. When we do a fast or a cleanse using clean fresh water, we not only heal our physical bodies but also our emotional, spiritual and energetic selves as well.

This is when true healing occurs (an infection is not being pushed down into an inflammation when you flush it out) on all levels and dimensions of our beings. We are not complicated, our healing is equally as simple – and everything is here that we need.

Always has been.


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