Tuesday 23 April 2013

Raise Your Spiritual Vibration - Health & Healing

I mentioned on one of my other blogs how I recently came across an article written by someone who was supposedly in the know about all things frequency and cellular vibration. I was curious and read the article over looking for something I might have missed in my own life....

This person gave some advice on how to get started on raising your vibration upwards into a spiritual sphere. At least that is what I assume it meant, because this aspect of higher consciousness wasn’t particularly discussed in any detail.

They did go into specifics about how to focus your mind on only the positive aspects of your life. To shut out all negative thoughts and to practice random acts of kindness as well as to stay healthy and ‘eat right’.

If any of the above things were clear – they would most likely be a great idea. However the vague assumption that anyone might know how to shut out negative thoughts (I wouldn’t ask anyone to close any part of their mind off) or what ‘eating right’ actually means on the spiritual path – might be a stretch.

When perfectly clear – of what to do, how to do and why we must do something – kindness is something that begins with ourselves. If we cannot be kind to our own personal beings – we are not spreading a warm and fuzzy energy around the world either.

Still, each of these things are good and will enable you to feel better about the world around you as well as yourself (during some part of the day at least) when taken seriously enough and when practiced often enough.

However, raising your vibration is NOT an isolated spiritual event that can be obtained through ‘thought’ alone. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible (not to mention false) to go through life in a positive bubble - what do you do with the negative stuff/patterns/habits/fears if not dealt with?

Anything worthwhile begins with a desire or a wish to create it...however, then every step must be taken to bring that dream into a solid or multi-dimensional reality. 

Therefore, I might even be tempted to state – Increased cellular vibration cannot take place through any use of your thoughts – at least not in a permanent structural way necessary to maintain that particular frequency for any period of time.

A vibrational shift must take place on each and every level of our humanity (body, mind and spirit) – this will not necessarily take place all at the same time – however, it starts and ends with the physical body. 

You know – the flesh and blood we live in that’s supposed to be our temple (and to be treated as such).

This body is our home, our house and the place of residence for our minds and souls. It’s the place where it all happens – a vibrational shift or rise in cellular frequency takes place at the level of the tissues then moves out into the energy field (which must also be replenished, repaired and healed just like any other part of us).

You cannot do any of this work – or indeed even walk a spiritual path on this planet without wholesome living food, clean chemical free water, healing herbs as medicine and exercise.

These things are not optional. 


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