Sunday 9 October 2011

Such a sad week....

With the loss of Steve Jobs and many others needlessly to cancer I am reminded of what it takes to overcome this type of illness. Most of it is mental, the physical part can be accomplished with simple changes to diet and exercise. It is the emotional fallout that can be the place of weakness.

I have been reading up on the little bit that is known about his struggle with illness on both sides of it. Of course, I would clearly be of the belief that this man should not have died and that no one else should suffer such a fate. All of the answers are here and have been all along. 

Perhaps this is one of the biggest crimes of our times- that people are led to believe that conventional medicine with its poisonous cocktails and medieval techniques is the safer, higher road to take. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

I learned this week that Steve Jobs resisted surgery and treatment for nearly a whole year after his diagnosis. Then they frightened him with a worse prognosis while he was pursuing an alternative route. I remember the nay sayers when I had cancer- those who told me that I did not know what I was doing, that I looked so unwell and would die if I did not get 'treatment'.

My treatment was working, my body always knows what it is doing. This is the fundamental principle when it comes to healing, illness and dysfunction. When you are feeding you body properly, drinking clean living water and exercising- anything that is created within the body can and will be undone, healed, fixed, sorted and otherwise overcome.

Yes, you may feel awful, and you will go through quite a lot. The symptoms I experienced of weight loss, hair loss, cold, pain, numbness, sinus, kidney, bowel infections, weakness and so forth - changed and altered each and every day so that I knew where my body was at. There was no way that I was going to shut them down- I just worked with and around them.

And after a short time, my body began to restore balance as healing took place. The cancer was then gone after a few weeks, however my healing journey was to last another full 5 years as I remained on a restricted diet to ensure that my tissues rebuilt in the healthiest possible way. 

I think that Steve Jobs was on the right track and then was sidelined in his efforts by the 'experts'. Once you have Failed to listen to your own body the battle is lost.

Healing is an area that these 'doctors' still seem to know so little about. 

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