Thursday 20 October 2011

The Only Way To Lose Weight....

I have come to find out during my years working in the food, diet, nutrition fields and as a Medical Intuitive, that the only way forward with regards to weight loss is to detox your body as the weight comes off. 

Our bodies use fat to store toxins and debris that can clog up the system - it is a very efficient and life preserving mechanism. These toxins have usually built up over a life time and can only be broken down with specific support for the organs and of course exercise to help push them out thoroughly. These days we are exposed to far more chemicals and poisons which also interact within the body giving rise to the situation (excess weight and ill health) that we are now in.

Toxic fat stores need to be carefully removed during a time of liver support, careful diet and exercise and self reflection. This is not something to be taken up lightly either as I have seen many people who lose weight quickly and without detoxing become unwell as a result. And, if lots of toxic debris is circulation round the body, your body will do everything to put the weight back on, just to keep you safe. 

Why waste time and energy to take off weight and then put it back on again? Why not detox as you go and do it properly. Take your time, build up your body and create the life you always dreamed of having. 

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