Tuesday 4 October 2011

In any diet, don't forget about water

No matter how you are eating right now, give some careful consideration to the source of your water. If it is from a tap, there are some serious concerns with it. The least of which is the multiple contamination from various bugs...its not that at all. I would be far more concerned with the medicating of the general population using chlorine and fluoride. These two drugs are in our water here in Ireland and I have for many years gone out of my way to avoid using it at all costs.

There is much written and said about putting chemicals into our drinking water- usually the government line is that they are making it safe for us to drink. Actually it was safe to drink long before they did anything with it! If it wasn't run through miles of pipes and through unnatural reservoirs we probably wouldn't have many issues with the water.

Personally, I like my water to be alive. I do not want it tampered with, filtered or medicated. I just want it straight from the ground the way it was intended. And I know that then people would argue, but the ground is contaminated. I don't feel that it is any worse than the water- and nature does know how to filter all by herself.

Whatever your diet, there is one aspect of your life that can be sorted very simply- your water. And I do not mean for you to go and buy plastic water either, perhaps it is as bad or worse. Find a well, a spring - another clean source for your water. In Ireland there are many, and I can think of other places as well where they can be found easily enough.

This one fact of clean water (your body is about 66% H2O) could change your life.

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