Thursday 13 October 2011

Supplements In the News

Well, for those who know me, and have read my books you know that I am not a fan of supplements and I myself never take them under any circumstances. They do not feel right nor do the entire set up of taking individual nutrients sound in any way safe. There are just far too many parameters involved in the digestive process- food is the only way to achieve balance within the body systems.

This week there is a study out that gives yet another warning about this very thing- it comes after a long list of them. Every so often one scientific paper surfaces that puts some information out there in the public domain about this problem. Yet, it goes largely unnoticed by everyone as there is too much money to be made selling Big Pharma drugs to everyone- even when you think you are avoiding them! 

Anything you purchase in the form of a pill, tablet, capsule or artificial food source is in support of a false paradigm surrounding food, diet and nutrition. You cannot fulfill your nutritional needs by taking supplements- the biological pathways for uptake, distribution and assimilation of these products do not overlap into digestive pathways.

You are feeding the yeast, mold, fungus and nasty bacteria in your gut- easy, fast food, they don't even have to digest it. No wonder you feel better temporarily. But, it doesn't last as these pathogens will only want more. 

If you want to make some changes to your life, your appearance, your health and your energy- the only way to do this is with food. Real, food that you actually have to cook and then eat. Call me crazy- but that is the way the body works and has for a long time. 

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