Sunday 16 October 2011

April Danann's Food Revolution

Food Revolution

For those of us who are watching and supporting the many revolutions that are taking place around the planet but are unable to physically be there- there is so much else that can be done. And perhaps even more important work that must be done to start to break down these monopolies who control our money, economies, food, water, media, and ultimately our minds.

I see it often during some of these protests, ‘access to better health care’ written on placards and it has left me feeling perplexed. There are some basic tenets that every human living on this planet needs to get back to- and the fundamental one would be food. How to feed ourselves so that the body and mind is well nourished and in a healthy state has been eroded in less then several generations. We have been duped into thinking that we actually ‘need’ health care- what we need is self care in the form of fresh whole food and clean water.

Control of the people doesn’t stop with these Big Food, Big Agri, Big Seed and Big Market corporations either! Perhaps it only begins there, because control of the people spills over into Big Pharma, Big Gov and Big Bank. So, each of these mega corporations has a stake in how well you feed yourself and the general health of your body. This is a fact because ‘they’ have an insatiable desire to control and you cannot be controlled if and when you are eating, drinking and living in a state of natural health.

In a short period of time, you will rebuild your mind (and body) and start to think for yourself. It is so simple- all you need is real food, that is clean, fresh and simply prepared.

All this food out there- there is NO food crisis in terms of supply, there is only a crisis in methods of marketing mass hysteria to get you to believe that the crap on the shelves in the Big Supermarket has any thing to do with food. If you walk into any modern shop you will see that only about 5-10% of the available food is fresh, unadulterated, and next to nothing is unpackaged!

In order to get your body on the road to a better way of being, you must change the food that you are eating and the water you are drinking. And for some that will mean a fundamental shift in thinking and perhaps a move out to the country where you can access well or spring water and grow a garden.

Your best defence against the systems that need to control you and for you to cooperate with them is your health- clean healthy body and clear mind. We are conformists as long as we eat what is put before us and spend our days in a spaced out haze because this food clogs up our internal processes and keeps us down.

Feeding yourself packaged, drugged up and chemical laced ‘food’ has your body tissues toxic and your mind unable to think clearly. From my experience this also gives rise to fear, depression, irritable bowel type issues, and a down regulated immune response (or as I call it passivity) which proceeds on to disease and dysfunction. Of course, this then requires treatment in the form of more packages of drugs and chemicals and more fear!

Can’t you see the pattern here? Eat their food, drink their water, spend your time  wandering through life and not thinking beyond what the box tells you, become unwell and end your days eating tablets that only add to the misery. Is this what we have come to? Or is this what has been made of us through the extensive use of mind control, mass marketing, economic debt and poor food/water?

Today I was asked, So where to start? If you want to join a revolution, start here- with you and your family. Pick the three most toxic items in your diet (life?) and remove them. It is that simple. For some it will be sugar, caffeine, alcohol- toxins which slow down the liver and wreak havoc with our immune function. For others it will be a food that you eat far too much of- packaged cereal, take aways, chocolate.

I know that some may be thinking- well how do I live without this or that? It can’t be all that bad- no? We have been so manipulated into thinking that just because something is on the shelf in a supermarket 365 days a year that it should be consumed as such. Never before have we had access to sugar, caffeine, alcohol, packaged foods, chocolate, boxes of processed stuff- all the time.

Your body is designed to eat fresh, whole veggies, fruits, some grains, some fish, little meat and clean water. Anything else is a stress on the digestion and clogs up the nutrient pathways. And we havn’t even gotten to detoxification and the function of the rest of the body!

Choose 3 ways that you can change and start to implement them today- you will feel better tomorrow and every day that follows as you wean yourself off of an entire system that has been cleverly designed to manage the people. Refuse to be controlled, don’t conform, and do not under any circumstances eat their food or drink their water.

Join the Revolution- we shall fight, we will win! 

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