Friday 7 October 2011

Lets Talk About the Fallen Angels

There are so many people out there working with angels, calling them in and other wise going into spaces where they congregate. Angels are lovely, they are messengers of the divine and have many roles to play in our lives and in the world we live in. Yet, there are so many fallen Angels - and what are their distinguishing features?  Does anyone really know and are they watching carefully to see what shows up when these entities are summoned?

I have been working in this field of 25 years, and to the best of my knowledge there is not one person who is asking for and using discernment - and then putting two and two together when entities enter. I know of so many instances where practitioners call someone thing in to their work space and then don't bother to check (or do they even know?) what shows up and what it is doing there.

One of the many things that I have found out over the years, is that you are the Angel, You are in charge of the energy of the space and you must know at all times what is there and maintain control of it. If you are calling things in, ANYTHING can and will show up- how would you know otherwise???

I started out many years ago with the Reiki, like a lot of other people, and the teachers also called in entities telling us that they were extra hands to help. But I never felt right about it and I have since talked to many others with the same experiences. 

One of the side effects of these Angel Buddies showing up was an incredible craving for sugar and any rubbish foods that I could find. Think about it, sugar is a toxin, an anti nutrient, it depletes your body of necessary resources and that is not the worst of it! It also lowers the immune function for several hours after ingestion. 

Your immune system is your first line of defence against ALL invaders and intruders- including these Fallen Angels, Entities and Foreign species. 

In my practice, I treat mainly professional practitioners of some kind or other- many of them have had these same experiences and end up at my door because they cannot get rid of these energy attachments once they come into the energy field. 

If this is an Angel working for the greater good and sent from God, it does NOT interfere with your body, it does not cause cravings, it does not have a negative influence over your life and it does not show up at your work. You as a healer are well equipped with all of the tools that are necessary to do your work. 

Anything else is not supposed to be there. These energy entities have become epidemic and are making many healers SICK- I am seeing mainly hormonal imbalances, candida issues, weight gain, out of control and disordered eating, auto immune disease, and viral conditions of unknown origin just to name a few. 

If this is making you sick- My God, there is a problem. Please stop what you are doing and seek clarification, please ask questions and do not believe that just because it shows up, that it is supposed to be there or that it is a good thing. 


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  1. That so true April, I'm completing on a seven year apprenticeship in Shamanism with a very good local woman in Wexford who has many years experience working in the field. What you say here is correct, the spiritual craze is like the old mediums, pulling in any old thing that wants to come.