Sunday 9 October 2011

OMG- Now they are Nutritionists too???

Obesity is at an epidemic level reports the daily news sources- well I wonder how did that happen? And now the UK government wants to do something about it. That is wonderful news! The first thing that they can do about this epidemic is go into these supermarkets and declare an outrageous tax on 90% of what is on the shelves- these can all go into the non food category.

Crisps are NOT a food group
Sweets are NOT a treat
Caffeine containing drinks need to be classified as a drug
Prepared food is not fit for human consumption
And what is all this packaged stuff? U.F.O. – unidentified food origin

Message to all governments everywhere- if you want people to lose weight (and you don’t) start with the food manufacturers and then put an honest effort into some real form of nutrition education.

I laughed when I read that Boots pharmacists will now be offering nutrition advice. So, with your chlosterol pills you can go down aisle 3 and get some yummy weight watchers low fat, low calorie, low vibration plastic meal and take off those extra pounds.

My God! I think we just went one giant leap backwards. AHHHHHHHHH! (tears hair out)

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