Sunday 27 January 2013

Entering into Another Dimension....

Even though I have used herbs for years and years....when I think back to how much I love and drank my herbal teas (and coffees) over the years - it's seems as if I am the original earth mother but...they never cease to amaze me!

I wanted to mention it here because I know so many people out there who do a few different things when it comes to herbs and they sell themselves and these miraculous plants far short. On a bit of a rant, I see too many people planting, growing and selling herbs who have absolutely no idea of their value.

And what is far worse - they sell herbal teas or some such without ever having even tasted, tried or used them for their own health and enjoyment. To be honest I find this a bit's like the vegetable seller who doesn't eat his own wares and is generally unhealthy because of a poor diet.

They are talking the talk - but not walking it. And that is a shame.

With herbs I have had a long association as well as a good basic general knowledge of just some of their amazing uses. I think in terms of an unfolding in my life - as the years move on and I grow more herbs, find more uses for them and depend on them for more in my life - their presence deepens along with that experience.

This cleanse I am currently on has been exceptional in many ways (it is probably the deepest one so far) and in terms of herbs, they seem to have travelled even further into my system fine tuning body functions as they go.

During some of my Yoga sessions I can sense them very strongly - they are communicating not only with each other, but with me on an outward level. One of the most profound functions of herbal medicine (or energy medicine as I refer to it) is the way they interact with us on an inter-dimensional level.

Only our food, of which herbs are classed are able to fully operate in this way - deep within our organs, tissues and cells. Anything else that enters in to these spaces and places has committed a crime against nature and will cause damage to these delicate systems.

It would be like pouring chemicals down a drain - they are simply not supposed to be there. Whereas herbs are part of the overall natural order of the Universe and cause no harm. Our other dimensions are facets, faces and aspects of ourselves we often ignore or pay little attention to.

Yet they exist, are necessary and indeed part our spiritual and energetic function.

Do yourself a favour, use herbs in your food and as teas for healing, uplifting and balancing your life - you will soon experience a difference inside and out.

Willow trees growing in the garden....

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