Monday 14 January 2013

Healing Our Dream Dimension...

There are a couple of things on my mind here today - one is dreams and the other is our inner, being an intuitive I would tend to put these two aspects of ourselves together - because, well, that would just make some energetic sense!

At least to me...perhaps our dream world is set up and stems from our early years. Then as we grow more into ourselves, we access higher points of this side of us. Hopefully not deliberately shutting them down through stress, poor diet, medication and distraction.

One main difference I have found since starting Closing the Energy Leaks© (and there have been many) is how my dreams increased several fold. This has only worked to serve me in my life especially during times of great change, upheaval and increased stress. 

I have mentioned here already a few days ago how I feel we now have better access into our dream dimension, since the polar shift on the Solstice in 2012. With this open door comes a certain responsibility which is take this side of ourselves more seriously.

There are many people out there who have very different ideas about the dreams they (and others) have. And perhaps on a certain one dimensional level, they are quite right. During your night time hours you should be working through the events of your day.....

However, you should also be working through what is to come, the stage of your life, the current state of your health, finding a way to provide guidance and advice from your higher self and various internal communications from body systems.

For those of us walking a spiritual path, these dreams are a vital source of necessary information that will enable us to simply 'know' where we are, who we are and in many instances what to do next. Of course, one of the several things I wanted to emphasise here is how your dreams (dimension 20) can be accessed just like any other part of you.

Any one part of your multi-dimesional self can and has been broken into, accessed and you have been stolen from, hijacked, interfered with and energy drained out of you in some way. Go back to the most vulnerable part of us (and often the strongest) our inner child - this is what must be healed in terms of dreams.

The dreams we have as children as a gold mine of energy, information, intense connection to the Universe, spiritual potential and must be regained - this gaping hole exists inside of our souls and we lose our dreams through it.

This fact makes for some difficulty when trying to trust and sort out what each dream means and makes it even more vital to work at protecting ourselves (energy field as well as physical body), detoxing and cleansing while we move through each stage of our journey. 

However, it can be done, indeed we are doing it - and it is worth the effort. Besides, it's all part of walking a spiritual path, you will come across this sooner or later. This work needs to be done...


I think this dish is his!

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