Tuesday 29 January 2013

Focused Negativity - Energetic Links to Cancer

It’s funny – I never really talk about this a lot but years ago I had cancer and walked away from any medical treatment. Instead I treated myself – and I am still here to tell the tale.

I get asked often enough what I think about cancer and what causes it or why good people die from it. So, lately I have been given it some further thought. As if during those weeks I was healing my own body I didn’t think enough!

Cancer is a fungal disease, it is not a chronic condition or at least it shouldn’t be – but there are those who need it to be as it prolongs treatment options. And that means more money, basically.

I have long thought of the direct root cancer takes to gain a foothold in our body’s tissues – it is a result of direct focused negativity in most cases. And yes, this is as simple as it sounds.

When someone is subject to prolonged situations of dark energy (or enough of a concentration of it in one blast) taken with poor self care, lack of exercise and an inadequate diet – then the conditions are ripe for something to develop and fester in that darkness.

And let’s face it – there is enough wickedness and ill will around to keep the world spinning on it’s side for the rest of eternity. Everywhere we go, these days, people are fearful and rightly so – this evil energy is coming from the top down.

The bottom line here is we have forgotten (been robbed of it) and lost the ability to protect ourselves in any meaningful capacity. Our immune systems are down – our hormonal function is well, dysfunctional and we are suffering as a direct result.

Actually, cancer is only one of the physical responses of this stagnant pool of heavy energy – there are many other manifestations as well, none of them good. But I am certain there has been a pill invented to push down each and every symptom until we die from medieval forms of medicine.

So what’s a person to do? The first thing to do is to learn to protect yourself – on the inside as well as the outside. That means working in your own energy field for instance as well as feeding yourself better and removing as many toxins from your life as possible.

This is only a start – but it’s a good one. A healthy energy field, a healthy body and a sound mind all derive from natural means – good clean water, food and herbs. As well as exercise, fresh air and loving relationships. 

Nothing good comes from a plastic container of chemicals – only more ill will.  


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  1. Brilliant piece April, I had no idea. I agree with everything you said and the more people that know that cancer is a fungus, the better, imho. I have told my family that if I ever get cancer, I will not go the chemo/radiation route! Thank you for sharing this :)

  2. Thank you kindly....

    It's something I should be talking about a lot more - I have so much experience in this area and find it really disappointing to see people not being told the reality of the condition - very curable, very treatable and it can be overcome. Cancer is not really even a disease - it's a symptom of deep rooted fungal condition.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment - I really appreciate it!


  3. Hi April,

    Is there more information somewhere on cancer being a fungus? I have never heard of this and would like to read about it. I concur with what what you have said about energy and I believe it is the key by which illness is ignited in the body.

    Thanks for taking the time to write and to share and to love.

    With appreciation,


  4. Hi there,

    There are loads of things written about this link - I would not have believed it so strongly if I had not lived it for myself...but I did and have since met and read about many others coming to these same conclusions.
    There is one brave Dr I have come across Simoncini who comes right out and treats people for fungal conditions as cancer (with apparent success) and I am sure many others out there doing the same quietly.

    At any one time we have a host of fungal conditions in our bodies - each of them vying for control. Regaining a fit immune system appears to be the key here and it certainly was for me during my months healing the cancer in my body. When I treated myself for fungus (form of an anticandida diet)
    I got better - quickly.

    If you google this, you will come up with lots of information for and against this topic. However, I can only write from what I know and have seen as a Medical Intuitive and in my own healing of cancer - and this is fungal.

    I hope this answers your question,
    Kind Regards,