Monday 21 January 2013

A Little Faith - Can Heal A Life

Have a little faith...that is what has been on my mind over these past couple of days as my body heals up my sore leg. Actually, it is something that has been there for several years, but was aggravated by the extra Yoga I have been doing.

Or perhaps it has been brought up to the surface because I am doing a detox and is now ready to move. Most likely it is all of the above. So, my leg is a little sore, tender and painful and I know something is being worked on. 

So, what's my job in all of this?

My role is to do a few little things as I have been taught so graciously over the years by my body. First of all I am to have faith, I see so many people (and I was there once upon a time too) give up on the healing process after a few days or hours and decide to circumvent the situation by using medication.

We all know chemicals and toxins do not work in the long term (or even in the short term for that matter) and they further bury the real issue of what your body is trying to sort out. Right now my body is moving, shifting and detoxing some deeply held debris from my cells in my leg.

Yes, it is bothersome, all the work we do on ourselves usually is. Without creating heat, bringing fluids to the area, a little swelling, activating the healing response in general - which causes discomfort, our bodies could not heal.

To shut any part of that process down, interferes, interrupts and abruptly halts the work your body must do in order to shift energy, clear cells, and remove inflammation. This is important work and we are more then capable of doing anything when given the time and space to do so.

I remember well the very first time I listened to my body and allowed it to clear, heal and remove an illness without any intervention from me. Of course my only focus for those few days was the healing process (it was a kidney infection), the pain and how much garlic and vegetables I could eat to clear it. 

And it did clear. What is more, then I cleared several other infections, then cancer, all along assisting my little family in doing the exact same thing with their own innate healing ability. Over the years building up a strong immune system, a depth of understanding for my body and faith that I can do anything I set out to do.

Without medication, without drugs, without interfering, by only supporting the work of my body. What an empowering feeling! To do all of that and more by simply listening, paying attention and allowing a natural process to unfold. 

We truly are a marvel and a work of art. 

Oh, and the word 'faith' means -- the duty of fulfilling one's trust, from the root meaning to trust. All that is being asked of us is to have a little faith...


A little snow on the winter grass...

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